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Nakd stock news 2021 libur tahun baru instaforex open

Nakd stock news 2021

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Lululemon Athletica Inc. Last quarter, the. Khiron Life Sciences Corp. International Battery Metals Ltd. Tenet Fintech Group Inc. NAKD stock gains in the p NAKD stock gains in the pre-market trading. Staff April 21, Trendy Stocks. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Related Videos. Most Popular. May 24, May 17, How Did That Happen? Suppliers went unpaid, which hit revenue, which further hit profits.

The AFR cites U. The terms of the deal show just how dire the situation for Bendon was, and how happy Naked Brand Group is to get it out the door. If a miracle does occur, and Bendon is sold within the next three years, Naked gets a piece. Naked also would receive a portion of net profits, though that requires cumulative positive earnings over a three-year timeframe.

What Naked is now is an e-commerce business. The sole operating subsidiary is FOH Online, which sells lingerie, sleepwear, and swimwear under the Frederick's of Hollywood brand. Rather, the company has an exclusive license to the brand which Bendon acquired in full back in , which FOH can renew every five years at its option until The license only covers the U.

One big question for NAKD stock is how much that license really is worth. The plan for Naked Brand Group is to use FOH Online as a base, and then use the cash pile on the balance sheet to both improve FOH's capabilities and add on new businesses and new brands. Given the general growth in e-commerce worldwide, and the market's appetite for and valuation of e-commerce plays, that seems like an attractive thesis. One problem, however, is that Naked has proven to be a middling e-commerce operator so far.

By any reasonable measure, FOH has not been a success. For one, FOH simply isn't that big. What's more worrisome is that fact that the FOH business isn't growing. This isn't a one year problem. So over three and a half years, the business actually shrank despite enormous growth for e-commerce overall and within the industry.

Profitability is another issue. The unspecified royalties paid for the Frederick's of Hollywood license no doubt are a factor, but that aside the gross margins are not particularly attractive. To be fair, Bendon's issues may have been a factor, draining capital from FOH and creating the same vicious cycle of delayed supplier payments and reduced inventory for sale. But the limited commentary in the F suggests the supply issues were far greater the year before, and at the least Naked was unable to take advantage of the pandemic-driven tailwinds that boosted its sector.

It's simply difficult to see FOH as all that valuable. Performance hardly suggests the valuation should be any higher now, if at all. Yet the current NAKD stock price seems to suggest a much higher valuation. Fully diluted share count including shares to be issued for warrants recently exercised as of June 21 is That fact alone doesn't make NAKD stock a sell. After all, this is a "meme stock," and meme stocks aren't trading on fundamentals at the moment.

Nor is that necessarily likely to change any time soon. The chance of a true "short squeeze" here seems thin - short interest is less than one-half average daily volume over the past 30 days - but the lack of a squeeze doesn't mean the stock has to, or will, tank immediately. That aside, the company does have the huge cash pile. That cash doesn't seem likely to just sit in the bank generating minimal interest.

In April, chief executive officer Justin Davis-Rice said the company was " evaluating several synergistic acquisition targets. In other words, Naked stock now clearly is a bet on management - and almost wholly a bet on management. Davis-Rice and his team need to improve results at FOH, which may be easier now with no further need to divert capital over to Bendon. The above-mentioned AFR article also highlights the operational chaos that surrounded simply getting financing for Naked arranged before January; no doubt management focus was diverted on multiple occasions.

But the cash is an order of magnitude more valuable than the operating business. And so it's the cash, and the use of that cash, that is going to make or break NAKD stock. If Davis-Rice and Naked invest wisely and make smart, accretive acquisitions, that alone can support the current valuation and perhaps upside as well.

But here's the problem: why, exactly, are investors supposed to bet on Davis-Rice and Naked? Again, this is not a company with an impressive history.

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Search for ticker symbols for Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Indices and Futures on Yahoo! Finance. No information is available for this page. It has been an extraordinary year, and to be fair, still a profitable one: NAKD stock has still gained 74% so far in should be.