reinstatement of financial aid
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Reinstatement of financial aid

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Consequently, my financial aid was revoked. My poor academic progress occurred because of struggles within my family this year. My father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. While his prognosis is good and we now know that treatment is going well, it was a devastating emotional blow. I spent more time with my family, helping to take care of the household and my two younger siblings while my mother was with my father during his treatment.

This included a hospital stay of about one week, during which time I was unable to return to class. I worked hard on my studies during this time, but because my time was much more limited, I was unable to focus on writing papers, studying for midterms and finals, and meeting some deadlines.

My professors, including my adviser Dr. Smythe, have been as understanding as possible. I did not communicate as clearly as I should have, and I understand that my negligence has translated into lower grades. I even failed some courses, which is a first for me, if you look at my previous years at this college. I regret such poor performance, and I want to improve in the coming academic year. The school has accepted me as a student again for the upcoming semester, but without the financial aid provided through the Pell Grant and student loan programs, I cannot afford to attend.

My academic record prior to this has been exceptional, and I believe I can return to this level of scholastic performance. Please consider reinstating my financial aid with my regret, my apologies, and my history as a good student in mind. Thank you for your consideration.

I appreciate attending this school and look forward to graduation. Respectfully, Joan Doe. The SAP committee may not accept your appeal or your financial aid suspension could stem from other causes, like changing majors and no longer meeting scholarship requirements.

Other sources of financial aid, like private student loans, can help you complete your semester or year if you are unable to get your financial aid reinstated. College scholarships can help reduce educational expenses. Learn how to find college scholarships and get tips for submitting a winning application. Here are some of the best college scholarships for high school students and where you can find more helpful resources regarding college finances.

Show that you have corrected the SAP problem. Submit the appeal. Have your appeal accepted by the SAP committee. There are many reasons students struggle, but some common causes include: Personal struggles with physical or mental health Family struggles, including illness or death Financial catastrophe, making your living situation unstable As you complete your SAP appeal , gather information like health records, financial records, family statements, and correspondence with professors, employers, and peers that may be relevant.

The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will review the appeal and notify the student in writing of its decision after the Appeals Committee meets and makes its determination. Appeals will not be granted unless the student's proposed enrollment in the upcoming semester would be adequate to reestablish their progress under this Policy. Appeals are approved for just one semester of Probation — if the student does not meet SAP at the end of the probationary semester they will be returned to Financial Aid Suspension.

Appeals for a second probationary term are only considered if the reason is different than the first appeal, and are only approved in rare circumstances by the Financial Aid Director. Students who are beyond the maximum timeframe to completion cannot regain financial aid eligibility except on a semester—by—semester basis through the appeal process. Appeals are granted as a one-time exception however, exceptions to satisfactory academic progress standards are granted on a case-by-case basis when mitigating circumstances warrant special consideration; however, due to lack of funds, many programs generally cannot be reinstated after cancellation.

Financial need, double majors, and or adding of minors are not mitigating circumstances. Second appeals will be reviewed by the Director of Financial Aid and will only be granted under exceptional circumstances. If you have questions about the appeal process or would like to discuss your situation, a Financial Ad Counselor is always available to speak to you. Drop by for walk-in counseling or call to schedule an appointment.

Apply for Aid. Financial Aid Timeline. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Menu. Regaining Eligibility.

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It is important to note that your petition may or may not be approved. For additional financial aid questions, contact your financial aid advisor at or finaid uidaho. Download Form. Explore Our College Site Map. Message from the Dean. Black Lives Matter. Departments and Schools. Our People College Administration. Find Your Advisor. Graduate Degrees.

Online Degrees. High School Dual Credit. Professional Certificates. Spring Dean's List. Lindley Award Winners. Online Programs Request Information. Undergraduate Programs Psychology. General Studies. Organizational Sciences. Graduate Programs MM Music. Master of Public Administration. MFA in Theatre Arts. Zoom Backgrounds. Student Life Study Abroad. Internships and Jobs. Federal regulations may require a recalculation of federal aid eligibility if a student withdraws from, drops, or does not begin scheduled coursework that is offered in a modular format.

Modular courses are those which do not span the length of the semester. In addition, a recalculation of aid eligibility may be required for students who cease enrollment during the semester but who have not gone through the official withdrawal process. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information on the impact withdrawing from the College will have on financial aid eligibility.

College policy and federal regulations require that students make adequate progress toward their intended degrees if they wish to maintain eligibility for financial aid. To retain financial aid, students must:. We will monitor progress at the end of each semester. Students who have not met the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement will be invited to submit a petition letter requesting reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility.

At the time when compliance with the SAP policy is monitored, courses in which grades of W, I, F, No Credit or No Grade are assigned will be counted as credits attempted, but not earned and will affect the pace of completion calculation. Students who are placed on Academic Probation are not considered to be in good academic standing and are therefore not eligible to receive financial aid.

This applies even if the student is in otherwise good standing with regard to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Students placed on academic probation may use the appeal process described above to petition for reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility.

Note: Recipients of merit-based scholarships must also meet renewal standards associated with their specific awards. Financial aid applied to a student account that exceeds the amount a student has been charged may be refunded to the student. Refunds are released by the Student and Departmental Account Services as early as the first day of class and weekly thereafter.

Refer to the Student Accounts Policies page for more information on student account refunds. Federal regulations state that all prospective and current students have a right to know specific information about the college they are considering or currently attending. MSC: Financial Aid. Should a family experience a significant financial set back due to an involuntary job loss, significant unanticipated medical expenses, or the loss of a parent, a review of the financial aid award can be requested through the appeal process.

Change in Enrollment Status - If a student drops below full-time enrollment less than 12 credits in a semester , eligibility for aid will be reviewed. Students must be enrolled full-time to receive College funds. Limited Federal Pell Grant funds may be available to students enrolled less than half-time. Renewal of Financial Aid Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis.

Taxability of Scholarships Due to the Tax Reform Act of Public Law , scholarships and grants received in a calendar as opposed to academic year by a student in excess of tuition and books including required equipment and supplies for that calendar year are subject to federal income tax. Withdrawal Policy Registered students who completely withdraw from all classes after the start of a semester may be eligible for a refund of College charges in accordance with College policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy College policy and federal regulations require that students make adequate progress toward their intended degrees if they wish to maintain eligibility for financial aid. To retain financial aid, students must: Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2. Pace is federally-defined as cumulative hours completed divided by the cumulative hours attempted. Unsatisfactory completion of a course At the time when compliance with the SAP policy is monitored, courses in which grades of W, I, F, No Credit or No Grade are assigned will be counted as credits attempted, but not earned and will affect the pace of completion calculation.

If a student again fails to meet the terms of policy at the end of their Financial Aid Warning semester, aid eligibility is suspended.

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REINSTATEMENT of FINANCIAL AID If the minimum SAP requirements are met, the student's financial aid eligibility will be reinstated for the next term. It is. The priority deadline is established to ensure the appeal committee can process the appeal in time for the student to withdraw from classes without financial. Financial aid (including grants, loans, scholarships and work-study) is suspended when a student does not meet all of the Satisfactory Academic Progress.