pa statement of financial interest
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Pa statement of financial interest forex overbought definition

Pa statement of financial interest

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Loading PDF B Nominees - Persons nominated for public office subject to confirmation. The term excludes members of purely advisory boards. D Public Employees - Individuals employed by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision who are responsible for taking or recommending official action of a non-ministerial nature with regard to: contracting or procurement; administering or monitoring grants or subsidies; planning or zoning; inspecting, licensing, regulating or auditing any person; or any other activity where the official action has an economic impact of greater than a de minimis nature on the interests of any person.

The term does not include individuals whose activities are limited to teaching. A former public official or former public employee must file the year after termination of service with the governmental body. E Solicitors - Persons elected or appointed to the office of solicitor for political subdivision s.

Also, review the filing chart Page 4 for proper filing location. Any questions may be directed to the State Ethics Commission at or Toll Free at Blocks 01 through 06 are for current information. Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Please fill in your last name, first name, middle initial and suffix if applicable in the boxes provided.

Public office candidates should use the exact name used on official nomination petition or papers. List an office business or governmental or home address and daytime telephone number. Please check the block or blocks to indicate your status. See definitions on page 1. If you are correcting a prior filing, please check the block, designating an amended form. Please check the appropriate block seeking, hold, held for each position you list in the blocks below.

List all of the public position s which you are seeking, currently hold, or have held in the prior calendar year. The Department of Records is located at:. Anyone can search for statements of financial interest using the Financial Disclosure System. Please be advised that statements of financial interest filed by City of Philadelphia officials and employees are available for public inspection and copying in the Department of Records and may be posted online.

If you are concerned that disclosure of information submitted would be reasonably likely to pose a specific threat to your personal security or the personal security of an individual named on your form, please submit specific details regarding your concern to financialdisclosureprivacy phila. Visit phila. Home Board of Ethics Financial disclosure. How to file and review statements of financial interests for City employees and officials.

About financial disclosure forms. Filing financial disclosure forms. If you prefer to submit your form s on paper, you can use one of two methods: Enter the data using the online system, then print the form s.

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