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Acm forex mt4 broker carry trade rates forex

Acm forex mt4 broker

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I have sent a e-mail but no reply. Their system simply deleted one of my winning trades. It just disappeared! There is not any trace in history or journal! You may ask how I can prove it?! Simply the answer is I can't. Although I can program my EA to log my trades to files, it cannot be used to raise a complaint to regulatory firms as it is simply purged from their server. Their server becomes very slow in high volatility market conditions.

So if you are winning, the platform becomes very slow so you would not be able to close or modify your open positions. I checked it in parallel with another platform and the other one were working smoothly at the same time. Conclusion: I do not recommend to use this broker.

Try their demo prior to open a real account to see it yourself. I use ACM's new webtareder platform. The "old" model was not bad This new one however is so totally fresh and fast for a web platform, it is probably up there amongst the best currently available. It seems there are a host of new platforms coming out recently, and this is the latest one. How does it compare? The first thing that struck me was its clean look. Definitely cleaner than Metatrader 4. WebTrader however has them in separate windows meaning you can view them simultaneously.

The first is something called, a GTC order, meaning Good for the day. A GFD order remains active in the market until the end of the trading day. Now, since forex is an ongoing market, the end of day must be a set hour. Basically, it means, if for example, the trader believes that the EURUSD is going down but will reach a resistance at say 1.

At that point, the trader thinks that the market will rebound which is why the trader can place a sell order at 1. This kind of order allows the trader to execute a strategy without constantly being behind the computer. When the execution of an order reduces the exposure on the traded currency-pair, the FIFO First In First Out rule will apply, and the oldest position on the traded currency pair is closed or reduced.

If the amount of the order is larger than the amount of the closed position, the next oldest position is reduced or closed. This process will continue as long as the entire amount of the order has not been booked. If all positions are closed and there is still an available amount which has not been booked, the order reverses the exposure from long to short or from short to long.

A new position with the residual amount will be created in the opposite direction. This means, orders linked to an open position are called Linked orders. It means that the execution of linked orders will only affect the linked position by closing it. Linked orders are easily configured by the client.

The client just has to select a position in the list of all open positions on it and selecting the appropriate order type to close that position. The problem is however, web based platforms are notoriously sluggish. Nothing can compare for speed to having a local based platform installed on your own hard drive. Overall, this is a decent platform, easy to use, with lots of functionality.

Remember also that markets are closed! During intraday trading hours, CET, the below margin schedule is in effect:. All customers are fully responsible for monitoring the activity on their accounts. In the case that open positions result in excessive margin exposure and attain the allowable limit, liquidation will occur automatically and all open positions will be closed.

Over the weekend stole USD It increased the difference between ask and bid of 60 pips to steal my money. The level of the margin was down and he took my money. If you have a sec watch it. Advanced Trader, for instance, is touted as being highly customizable; many people will find that it falls far short of those big expectations, though.

Flash Trader is available for those who prefer to use Flash applications. They are outlined for your convenience below. Due to some sort of strict Swiss regulations and laws, it is impossible to sign up completely through the ACM website. Instead, part of the process can be performed digitally — but hard copies of the signed paperwork must be mailed away.

The process is, therefore, quite cumbersome and it really stands out in the lightning-quick world of online foreign exchange market trading. They offer all of the same capabilities as real, live accounts and are a great way to get to know the ropes at ACM.

It is strongly recommended that you sign up for a free demo account to familiarize yourself with ACM and its trading platforms before depositing any real funds with them. ACM offers no express guarantees or promises regarding trading against their own customers.

Their dealing desk is fully operational and is available to assist traders as needed. However, the lack of a guarantee does make ACM compare rather unfavorably with several other major brokers. Not surprisingly, the maximum leverage that is allowed at ACM is This is quite standard among the major online forex brokers, but using the maximum leverage is generally not recommended. While profits can be large, losses can be huge as well. ACM touts the fact that they offer no slippage on stop orders, which is a definite plus for many traders.

Trailing stops are permitted on the ACM trading platform, so traders do not have to miss out on that important feature. Unlike many of the other top forex brokers, ACM does not publish an extensive or easy-to-read list of its trading spreads.

That point aside, it does offer an average of three pip spreads for the four most popular currency pairs. Additionally, spreads as low as 0. ACM Forex is not for everybody. However, those with the assets and the experience to handle a more bare-bones forex trading platform will find themselves perfectly at home here.

The competitive spreads undoubtedly make up for a multitude of issues; if you can put up with a few aggravations, ACM Forex may be right for you. Name required.

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ACM Forex Broker

The first online forex broker to be ISO & ISO certified. Trading software, Advanced Trader, Web Trader, Mobile Trader, MetaTrader 4. ACM: The best way to find out about ACM, who we are and what we do is to pick up the ACM - Forex Broker Details Trading Platform(s): MetaTrader 4. ACM or Alternative Capital Management is a long established online ECN Forex broker that services both corporate and individual clients.