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It is the party's last major gathering before the provincial election this fall. Concrete barriers and fencing have gone up in some areas around the CentreExpo, where the convention will take place, and only local traffic will be allowed on some streets. Police say they expect demonstrators to be on hand as well. Baffinland is asking the federal government for an emergency order that would allow it to continue to mine and truck up to six million tonnes of ore from its Mary River iron mine in Nunavut this year — saying the mine's future is otherwise at risk.

The company was allowed to increase its production from 4. That temporary approval was initially supposed to expire at the end of , but was extended to the end of instead. In a news release Wednesday, the RCMP said that just after midnight on May 19, a male assaulted a female who was walking near the stairs. Police said the male "was interrupted and chased away by several others in the area. It canvassed the area but didn't find anyone who matched the description. Police are looking for a.

Trudeau says voting is important and he hopes Canadians exercise a right that is sometimes taken for granted. A widespread power outage is affecting the Magdalen Islands and there is no word on when electricity could be restored. More than 4, customers lost power at about 5 p. Thursday when there was a malfunction at the thermal generating station. The diesel-powered plant is the only source of power for most residents and businesses. As of Wednesday, there were total hospitalizations due to the virus, a decrease of 12 from the previous report.

The province recorded 12 new COVID deaths, four of which occurred prior to May 15 but were included in the most recent data. Eight of the newly-reported deaths were people 80 or ol. Tensions in Slovakia and France highlight questions about the limits of European Union solidarity towards Ukrainian refugees. Can it last, without destabilizing our societies? View on euronews. Investigators recovered a pellet gun from the scene where Toronto police shot and killed a man suspected of carrying a rifle in a section of the city that prompted five nearby schools to be placed under precautionary lockdowns.

On Thursday, police went to Scarborough after receiving multiple calls about a man walking with a rifle and located him shortly after, Ontario province's Special Investigations Unit SIU said in a statement on Friday. Toronto Police Chief James Ramer told reporters after the incident that officers responding to the calls were confronted by the man, but had declined to give further details, citing an ongoing investigation.

So no wonder co-owner co-manager Halbert Pratt is grateful to recently receive some large donations that have allowed the service to operate so far without interruption. Amid heaving sobs from the witness box, the mother of slain rapper Jahvante Smart lashed out at her son's killer during his sentencing hearing Friday, telling convicted murderer Abdulkadir Handule that his actions have torn her family apart.

I'll never get that chance," said Pamela Bent, mother of the year-old Smart, who was also known by his stage name Smoke Dawg. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is also taking aim at Bill today, saying she would repeal it and allow workers to bargain for fair wages again. Horwath says the legislation disrespected workers such as teachers and nurses. The Progressive Conservative government introduced the legislation in , limiting compensation increas. Six months after an outbreak was declared in the Baffin Island community, 31 people have been identified with active tuberculosis and have been diagnosed with latent TB.

Michael Patterson said the declaration was prompted by a growing number of TB patients in the community of about 1, that could not be linked to previously known cases. Tuberculosis is a treatable illness and those with symptoms are urged to g. The gunman who massacred 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school Tuesday was inside for more than an hour before he was killed by law enforcement officers.

Novelist Ian Fleming is born. Both of these platforms were developed by software design specialists Metaquotes and the MetaTrader MT4 version was first launched as far back as , although there have been a fair few updates since that time. The MT4 was developed specifically for Forex trading and to this day remains the most popular platform for traders in that market. The MT5 was launched in with the intention that it would eventually supersede the MT4.

Interestingly, although the MT5 has more functionality and can be used to trade other financial products as well as Forex, it has never enjoyed the same level of popularity with the online trading community. There are several things that recommend both the MT4 and MT Some brokers use their own adapted versions of these platforms as an option, or in some cases as their main platform, because they are so versatile for their applicable markets. It is available to any online brokerage that obtains a licence to use it, after which it can be adapted as the broker sees fit, dependent on the trading needs of its clients.

In the same way as the MetaQuotes platforms, WebTrader is often developed further by brokers to make it unique to their operation. For example, free software may be added to the basic platform as an incentive for new clients. Trading platform specialists Spotware, who are based in Cyprus, released the first version of the cTrader in , primarily for CFD trading purposes, where it became an instant hit with retail traders, quickly earning a reputation for ease of use and accessibility.

The cTrader platform is completely versatile meaning you have the freedom to use it as a browser-based format, download native apps for iOS or Android or install it on your PC or Mac. What many traders like is the incredible amount of additional features that already come as standard with cTrader, making it the ideal tool for the day trading markets. You are certain to encounter a number of bespoke-developed platforms too. Most often they are provided by brokers who offer stock trading opportunities or alternative options like copy trading or social trading availability.

Some brokers develop and offer a unique market-specific trading platform alongside a selection of generic platforms, giving you the opportunity to choose the best one for your needs. Invariably these are bespoke platforms which have considerably more built-in functionality for professional traders, together with the opportunity to import the specialist software needed for particular trading styles or strategies.

In any event, there is always a cost factor involved to use them and you would need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages according to your needs and budget. With the increasing trend towards mobile trading, it is typical for brokers to offer mobile accessibility to trading accounts. However, not all options are as good as others and some may not provide sufficient functionality for certain types of trading or a particular strategy.

If your broker offers only a web-based option, then it needs to be mobile-optimised rather than just mobile-friendly. The former is a web platform built to suit mobile devices whereas the latter is a bare bones option meaning you can access the platform as a mini version of the main platform, which does not always make using it easy.

Lastly, avoid at all costs any standalone trading apps, or suffer the consequences. We cannot stress strongly enough that you should only ever download an app that is offered by either a software developer or a licensed broker. We always recommend making full use of any available platform demo. Many brokers allow free unlimited use of their simulation platforms and for those of you who are just starting out, that means free online trading experience, plus the chance to get used to your platform before risking any of your own capital.

Even the most experienced traders can also make good use of demos to experiment with either a new strategy or making use of them to try out a different financial instrument. For example, if you routinely trade stock CFDs, you might want to investigate crypto trading without the element of risk. Some will allow you to retain your demo platform alongside a live trading account and others even permit you to have multiple demo platforms on the go simultaneously, which is the best of all worlds for any trader.

At this point your next move will depend on the amount of trading experience you already have. If you are a complete beginner, then it is well worth heading over to our online trading academy and learning as much as you can before you start looking for a brokerage. Those of you with some online trading experience will be closer to knowing which platforms are likely to fulfil your needs and can move on to looking at the types of trading software you can add, such as EA, advanced analytics and automated trading packages.

For you, the trading strategies you implement and whether they fit the bill for a platform will be a key factor. As we have already explained, some platforms are only suitable for trading certain assets. For example, if you only intend to trade in Forex currency pairs, then the MetaTrader MT4 is certainly a worthy contender, with plenty of opportunities to customise and add to its functionality.

However, if you decide to diversify into additional financial markets, you would need to run a second platform alongside the MT4, opt for a lesser, multi-asset platform or pay to lease a suitable one. There is one more thing to point out to those of you who intend to trade mostly from a mobile device.

If you generally trade mainstream assets, this is not likely to be a problem, but if your strategy explores more unusual trading opportunities, you could end up disappointed. In reality, the chances of finding the best broker and the best online trading platform in the same place are limited and inevitably there will need to be a compromise to be made in this respect.

Perhaps now is a good time to revisit the questions we suggested earlier in this guide, as well as add to them, to further define your requirements. Aside from the physical factors such as whether your device can run the platform adequately, the main things to remember when you consider a trading platform are that you must feel comfortable and confident using it; long and tedious days are ahead for you if you do not give those things priority.

We hope that the information in this guide has given you some useful information and will enable you to look at online trading platforms in a more focused way. The best day trading platform is one that fulfils your needs and that you feel comfortable using, meaning there are lots of different factors to consider.

Why not read our trading platform guide which will help you to make that decision. You can find it here along with lots of other helpful trading information. The facility of a free demo platform can be used to advantage by all traders from complete beginners right through to advanced day traders. The answer to your question and many others can be found by reading our detailed guide to finding the best day trading platform here at nextmarkets. It will benefit you immensely to read our day trading platform guide, which you will find here on our platform.

In the guide you will find lots of information about different types of platform, along with the best way to choose one that matches your needs.

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NAIL Chart. Top authors: NAIL. NAIL potential retest of breakout. Lynxys Pro. Zinik Premium.

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Learn Price Action Trading with Professional Trader Nial Fuller. Learn Simple Yet Powerful Trading Strategies. Get Trade Ideas, Trading Videos & Articles. Nial Fuller is an Australian Professional Trader, Investor, Angel Investor & Venture Capitalist. He is considered 'The Authority' on Price Action Trading. In this video I review 3 trades that I took and discuss how I nail market Trading Signal Results.