investing 101 to semi-pro football league
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Investing 101 to semi-pro football league tri county financial

Investing 101 to semi-pro football league

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Each U. On an individual team basis, a factor that is inex-tricably linked to the health of a professional sports team is the strength of its local market. As a result, a sports team in Los Ange-les or New York City will likely command a higher valuation than teams in smaller markets across the country.

League governance is an important facet of every league. Generally speaking, with the exception of MLS, the leagues are owned equally by each of its member teams. As such, all of these aforementioned items as well as the financial strength of the other owners in the league need to be carefully considered before making an investment decision. Owning a professional sports team garners a consid-erable amount of publicity. Public interest in sports is extraordinarily high. Being an owner of a profession-al sports team can instantly make you a public figure.

Prospective ownership groups should have a balance of capital and community commitment. A team is viewed as a community trust, with ownership being its steward. Over the past 10 years the U. Investors have come to learn that the U. Article written by: Richard "Rick" Perna. Exclusive Sell-side Advisor: Minnesota Wild. Exclusive Debt-side Appraiser: Colorado Avalanche. Exclusive Advisor: Miami Heat. All Posts. While there is significant risk in such investments, many teams have been turned around and become very profitable.

Whether it's investing in an affiliated corporation, ETF, minor league team, or the next round of Packers financing, investing in a sports team could be a fun and unique way to diversify your portfolio. Green Bay Packers. Accessed Jan. Company Profiles. Podcast Episodes. Alternative Investments. Socially Responsible Investing. Your Money. Personal Finance.

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Lots of people dream about sports ownership. Here are some ways you can get into the game. U.S. professional sports teams benefit from a high degree of recurring revenue and financial commitments for the construction of a new arena or venue. The American 7s Football League (A7FL) offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments. American 7s Football League (A7FL).