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Scuderi group investing online

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Compressed air is transferred from the compression cylinder to the power cylinder through a crossover passage. Fuel is then injected and fired to produce the power stroke. The power cylinder fires just after the piston has begun its downward motion "after top dead center", or ATDC. Firing ATDC in a split-cycle arrangement is claimed to eliminate the losses resulting from recompressing the gas. In a conventional Otto cycle engine, each cylinder performs all four strokes per cycle. This means that two revolutions of the crankshaft are required for each power stroke.

The pistons fire every other revolution, while the Scuderi engine fires every revolution. The Otto cycle design convention calls for combustion just before top dead center BTDC in order to allow combustion pressure to build. According to Scuderi Group, tests indicate that the Scuderi engine shows gains in efficiency and reduced toxic emissions over conventional four-stroke Otto cycle designs.

The company also says that the Scuderi engine could be used as part of an air hybrid system , allowing recovered braking energy to be stored as compressed air. As can be seen, this engine requires an extra valve per pair of cylinders compared to an Otto engine , but only when in air hybrid configuration. In the standard configuration conforming to the schematic above it could use actually one less valve per cylinder pair than an Otto engine. It also has the same power density power strokes per cylinder per revolution , even though the power cylinder fires on every rotation, because of the extra compression cylinder.

While its fuel efficiency and other advantages may make this a useful modern design, the extra complexity would historically have favored the Otto design, when precision machining was more expensive than fuel savings over the engine's lifetime. Since , various other investors have also sued Scuderi, which typically settles out of court. As of August , Scuderi Group said its patent portfolio included more than patent applications worldwide, more than of which have issued as patents in more than 50 countries.

The Scuderi Group has partnered with several automotive engineering companies to assist with engineering the Scuderi engine's complementary components. German automotive supply company Mahle GmbH is working on the pistons , Swedish engine developer Cargine Engineering AB is assisting with the air-activated valves , Denver-based Gates Corporation is engineering the belts , and Germany-based Schaeffler Group is contributing to the valve train assembly. The engineering division of Germany's Robert Bosch GmbH is working on the timing mechanism of the engine.

Regenerative braking is achieved by connecting an air reservoir to the crossover passage. During braking, energy is stored in the form of compressed air for later use. At this point, what is more important, the investor money incliuding mine the Scuderis spent or the enormous positive activity that will benefit the same investors? Yes, the Scuderis shold be ashamed and their reputation will suffer.

The only thing that matters is how well the company is doing with postential license customers. We are in it for the financial reward following the IPO. So Nick Scuderi if he wants to buy his wife a Tiffany ring could do it with cash drawn from his company credit card and Sal Scuderi could organise a barbecue buying steaks and beer using his company credit card.

And it was not a single incident… No, it happened hundreds of times. Read the SEC document. But, since there are investor meetings coming up, it is a great opportunity to find out first hand. SEC order, cash, board,… And this time it might be useful to record it.

Am i reading this correctly? You have no concept of realiy, Paul. None whatsoever. Have you read the SEC report and its findings? Recumbentrider, I think you better go back and read the S. The SG could have fought it further, however in the best interest of all investors Sal and the SG decided to agree to the settlement. The only thing which was misleading was the person who wrote this article. If the SG did something so damaging to the investors then why would the S.

I know it is frustrating that a small minority of individuals feel the need to bad mouth the SG in a fetal attempt to take down the company. Any investor not backing the SG in my eyes is no longer an investor. It is an incredible collage of information! Between the Indian OEM joining the liquid consortium with the license option, or the poppet valve company joining the automotive consortium, or the Malaysian OEM joining the liquid fuel consortium, or the 3rd largest chines truck OEM wanting to sign a joint venture agreement or the future meetings with the japanese Sojitz.

All incredible developments! Regarding the class action suit. Be warned of ambulance chasing lawyers. You will be promised gold and get nothing. For one, the Scuderi Group will not settle. Why would anybody want to lose their chance at financial independence at this stage?

Non-investor 1 Outsider, You are an incredible funny individual? Non-investor 2 Recumbentrider, Do you really think the majority of the investors really care about the the law suit? Good try but no cigar. I know hundreds of investors and most of them are very excited about the dozens of companies interested in the Scuderi Split Cycle Technology. Unfortunately neither of you are privy to the confidential investor updates, if you were you probably would go away and hide under a rock from embarrassment.

Has anyone taken the chance to look at the plaintiff in the class action lawsuit? His name is Paul. Mike and others on the masslive article have indicated that the feds are now interested in the SG. Could this possibly be something that you do not yet know about, Paul, or even more bad news that you do not want to address? In case you want to know, I am a very analytical by nature and my opinions are based on what I absorb via media, calling the SG office, and communicating with other investors.

Then I logically put this into my own words for others to read. As far as the S. Basically it annoys me when people like yourself make damaging assumptions about the SG and seem to have a personal vendetta against them, furthermore your not even an investor. All investors want this to be a successful investment, what do you want? I believe if we give the SG some space, let them concentrate on the more important things, the technology is compelling and they will be successful.

I hope this clears up your many inncorrect asumptions of my motives for being positive. Robichaud resigned for his own personal needs? Yes, the SEC issue may have impacted his decision. After 6 years at the company, maybe he has now decided he wants to pursue other interests, retire, etc? To answer your question, Marc- no, only Paul is positive about this. I suppose it should be pointed out that Paul is the only insider posting here that has direct ties to SG, maybe on the payroll? Information that not a single one of us is privy to.

How did he know so quickly the position that was held by Philip, or any number of the other things that he has known before anyone else? I think that Paul has crossed some very grey lines with his statements, and should keep a very close eye on what he says in the future. Mike, There is a big difference which you have over looked, Steel Panel Foundations had a finished product, the Split Cycle engine is still in the developmental stages.

The SG has done a masterful job at developing this technology via SWR and finally bringing it to a compelling stage. Can someone, anyone other than paul, say something positive, i feel like this is it, i know my finances are shot, my health is shot, and my outlook is loosing any luster it had with my scuderi investment, help i am totally drowning, HELP!

Put out a little tidbit and watch the sharks circle…Philip will not say why he stepped down. I agree, clean house and put out a spokesperson that is credible. Paul, if your insinuating Phil stepped down because there were no sales under his tenure, then i commend him for doing do, as that would be something he did that was in the best interest of the company. I hear its right around the corner. So now lets apply that to the head of the other division, the split cycle engine division.

That division has no sales either, and after 10 years and 80 million dollars and lets throw in an sec investigation to boot we are in worse shape than when we started. Sal Scuderi and the rest of the management team, as well as the board, should now do their part for the company and step down.

I think its now clear, with the resignation of Mr. Robichaud, that things are not as clear as we were hoping they would become. Why would anyone who works with the company resign at this point. I could see if the SG were smartening up and cutting expenses they would start to release some employees maybe they should start with a scideri or 2 but to resign, this close to the nirvana, makes me think the hole in the ship caused by captain sal, is bigger than we know.

I would truly like to know from investors who think Sal and the SG board should stay what their reasoning is. As a small investor, watching these Blogs is like watching a tennis match! Bottom line I do not have a good feeling about any of it! There are many great questions…but never straight answers.

To Davith…Philip will not answer either! Robichaud: Interesting posting. Please shed some light. So you resigned due to the SEC issue? I can understand your concerns. Can you offer some insight into any relevant developments? I am not condoning the deeds that made us feel betrayed. I am not blind to the negative — but I am also Not Blind to the positive!

I have a stake in this just like you do. Wanting this technology to succeed for many reasons is not causing blinders. If anything just the opposite. And i am not afraid to confront! But I would rather take my concerns to them than out on a public news article comment section!! It is not what we know but what we do not know that is to be seen…but whining on a public site will get you no more information and will solve nothing. Take it to the private forum.

Have a private meeting. Take your concerns to SG direct. But have some professionalism and concern for our own good as to where you hang y our dirty laundry, please! The last thing we need is to have investors turning on each other! I guess its all a matter of perspective. Not Registered?

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Scuderi settled a case brought by the SEC alleging that Scuderi took on too many investors who didn't have the wherewithal to suffer a loss. The SEC found, according to court papers field by Fournier, that:. Also at issue in the Fournier litigation was whether Scuderi has been taking investment money from investors who are not wealthy or sophisticated enough to take the risk.

Scuderi's securities weren't registered with the SEC or with the state of Massachusetts like the securities sold by major corporations are. As such, the people investing in Scuderi should have been accredited investors, according to court papers. New Deal-era federal laws enacted after the stock market crash of and in the midst of the Great Depression limit small-time investors from putting money into risky investments. Bundling small-time investors together in clubs is one way to avoid that law.

Scuderi touts its engine technology as a major energy-saving breakthrough. Family patriarch Carmelo J. Scuderi, father of Salvatore, patented his version of a split-cycle engine in , about a year before his death at age Scuderi's design links two cylinders: one for intake and compression and one for power and exhaust.

In a traditional gas engine, each cylinder goes through four strokes: intake, compression, power and exhaust. The fuel mix is ignited as the second cylinder begins its downward stroke. This, in theory, saves energy compared with a traditional four-stroke engine.

Scuderi's technology as a means of storing energy by means of compressed air. It was money Hino invested in a Scuderi research project that never happened. Hino and Scuderi settled that suit in October of that same year. Scuderi lawsuit settled by Jim Kinney on Scribd. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Every Scuderi Group patent application is subjected to an extensive series of worldwide patentability searches. The Scuderi Group patent portfolio increases in strength with each invention disclosure filed and with each patent issued. The Scuderi Group patent portfolio currently includes over patent applications worldwide, more than of which have issued as patents. The list of issued patents below is exemplary and does not necessarily represent the full scope of protection provided by the Scuderi Group patent portfolio.

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Plaintiff Paul Fournier invested $ from to He sued in June , saying Scuderi used money raised from investors to enrich. The Scuderi Group was ordered to pay $, to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday for misleading investors about how the firm. Whenever there is controversy surrounding an investment theme, you know that there's something there worth taking a look at.