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Eia report investing money

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In the event that the marketing communication contains any information about any results regarding the financial instruments indicated therein, these do not constitute any guarantee or forecast regarding the future results. The previous week was a very bad one for cryptocurrency bulls with a big sell-off hitting the digital assets market. Indices traded mixed during the first Asian session of a new week. Already an XTB client? Login to trade. Opening an account is quick and easy.

Simply choose between a real and demo account and you could be trading within minutes. Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience. Market News More news.

Create an account. Login to trade Opening an account is quick and easy. Also, exchange traded funds ETFs -which can be bought and sold throughout the day like individual common stocks-are an increasingly popular means for investors, including individuals, to gain exposure to commodities as an asset class. Correlation is not the same as causation, however, and the relationship between crude oil and other financial markets is complex. Even with observed movements in correlation levels, influences between crude oil price changes and changes in values of other asset classes are unclear.

For example, it is possible that high correlations are due to more primary relationships with a third common factor, such as economic growth expectations. Another complicating factor is that these relationships and their strength vary over time. Analysts continue to work to better understand the connections between these markets. Source: U. Most index funds are "long only" funds whose value will increase only when the prices of the underlying commodities rise.

Investors in such instruments expect commodity prices to rise; money is lost if the values of the underlying commodities in the index decrease. Many of the managers of index-style investments do not trade the individual components of an index on a daily basis; instead, they buy and hold these investments over periods of months or years, rolling contracts forward to avoid physical delivery. Some market observers believe that increased trading activity by investors and long-only index funds in oil markets has had a significant impact on the energy price formation process.

Although a growing body of research by academics and securities market analysts examines this issue, no definitive conclusion either proving or disproving a causal linkage between non-commercial trading and large energy price swings over the past few years has been reached. Because the vast majority of positions are held in the less transparent OTC derivatives market, however, analysis that relies only on readily available data from the transparent portion of the market may offer only limited insights.

Additional data and analysis are needed to better understand the relationship between energy derivatives trading and price movements. In addition, the global nature of trade in energy-related derivatives adds to the challenges of analyzing trading activity. Other financial markets Prior to , stocks, bonds, and exchange rates showed only infrequent, fleeting correlations to oil futures prices.

In contrast, the price of crude oil showed positive correlations with stocks from , negative correlations with the value of the U. For each asset class, there are financial, physical, and common underlying economic factors-such as the economic downturn and recovery-that could be influencing these more significant correlations.

Financial factors include developments such as the growing interest over the last decade in crude oil as an investment asset. This investment interest has altered the financial money flow into and out of commodities. Physical crude oil markets can also be influenced by outside factors.

Exchange rates and economic factors play a role in crude oil production and consumption, possibly leading to price correlations. Dollar 1 U. As the dollar strengthens against other currencies, the value of the index rises. Stocks have traditionally been the largest investment market.

Economic conditions can cause prices for stocks and commodities, including oil, to move higher or lower together. As macroeconomic conditions improve or worsen , earnings for companies increase or decrease and demand for commodities as raw materials rise or fall as well.

In addition, there were significant changes in the level and appetite for risk during As a result, during periods where risks were rising significantly during the financial crisis and then abating during recovery , stocks and prices for crude oil and other commodities could tend to move in the same direction. As economic conditions improve or worsen , interest rates on government bonds will tend to rise or fall. Since bond prices and interest rates move in opposite directions, U.

Treasury bond prices and the price of crude oil would also tend to move in opposite directions in times of significantly changing economic conditions. In addition, bonds, the second-largest investment market, are often viewed as lower-risk investments than stocks, albeit with lower average returns. As an asset class, bonds are generally less volatile and carry a lower chance of losing principal. Treasury bonds, in particular, are usually considered a riskless investment.

As investors become worried about future returns in higher risk assets, such as stocks and commodities, they tend to increase allocations to bonds in their portfolios. Several hypotheses have been offered that tend to support an inverse relationship between the exchange value of the dollar relative to other currencies and crude oil prices.

The first is simply that because oil benchmarks are traditionally priced in U. This decreased cost may increase consumers' demand for oil, adding upward pressure to prices. A second potential reason is that U. To counteract this, these countries may target higher dollar prices of oil to maintain real revenue, budget levels, and purchasing power in world markets.

Dollar depreciation also reduces the returns on dollar-denominated assets, when measured in foreign currencies, which may increase the attractiveness of foreign investing in commodities like oil. Commodity investment may also become more attractive to U. Finally, a rise in oil prices also expands the U. Despite these many possible explanations, the actual correlation between oil prices and exchange rates has not been stable over time, and was close to zero for more than half of the last decade.

Crude Oil Petroleum Products. What drives crude oil prices: Financial Markets Market participants not only buy and sell physical quantities of oil, but also trade contracts for the future delivery of oil and other energy derivatives.

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Stocks of crude oil refer to the weekly change of the crude oil supply situation. News Stream. Meanwhile, crude stocks at the Cushing, Oklahoma, fell by 1. Distillate stockpiles which include diesel and heating oil increased by 2. At the same time, gasoline stocks unexpectedly shrank by 0. Week Ahead. Investors Rush to Safety of Government Debt. Philadelphia Factory Activity Unexpectedly Contracts. Initial Claims Fall Less than Expected. French Year Bond Underperforms. Calendar Forecast Indicators News.

More Indicators. We have a plan for your needs. Standard users can export data in a easy to use web interface or using an excel add-in. API users can feed a custom application. White label accounts can distribute our data. We Are Hiring. Trading Economics welcomes candidates from around the world. Or to contact Money Morning Customer Service, click here.

Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the Money Morning newsletter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Brent crude oil prices today Wednesday increased for the fourth consecutive session despite the U. At a. Brent - the benchmark price for oil purchases worldwide - is up 7. That's after a Meanwhile, WTI crude oil prices inched 0.

After cratering 9. The rise in Brent crude oil prices came as the EIA released its weekly supply report. The agency reported oil supplies increased by 3. That surpasses the 1. Total U. Despite rising supply data, the EIA reported yesterday daily U. The report projects monthly output will continue to decline through mid Traders are still concerned refineries won't keep up with the current supply glut as many perform seasonal maintenance.

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EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report

The Energy Information Administration reports inventory levels of US crude oil, gasoline and distillates stocks. The figure shows how much oil and product. The Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Crude Oil Inventories measures the weekly change in the number of barrels of commercial Currency: USD. Market Prices and Uncertainty Report Charts Financial Reporting System (FRS) (suspended) PP&E and investments and advances, by lines of business.