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These features protect your system from human-related data breeches and help strengthen your processes. The topologies are largely dictated by standards. Portrait orientation is most commonly used for employee badges, and for all other credentials, landscape orientation is used. Large standards use guidelines. The most important part of all of these standards is the placement and printing of any machine readable barcode or MRZ Machine Readable Zone.

The smart card chip, apparent on the front side of a contact smart card, is by design fixed in the same location on the card, but the graphics and card orientation can vary around that design element, the chip module.

The EU Driver License has migrated toward a pictographic style card due to problems of multiple languages in a small region. The banking industry has become more focused on consumer branding than on specific data element placement. Due to the increased use of chip cards, the banking and EMV standard has become more relaxed to allow additional space on the card for company branding.

Additionally, the need for an embossed carbon swipe of a card is no longer allowed. There are many biometric modalities and various matching technologies for which to authenticate subjects. ICAO lists over 20 types that can be used in optional data containers. The biometric modalities that truly matter include:.

There is no standardized matching algorithm. Facebook has the largest deployment in the world. When considering the use of faceprints, a liveness test is needed to prevent spoofing e. Proven over time to be very reliable with reliable false acceptance and false reject rates, they are ideal for a population that is over the age of 16 and under the age of Iris images are reliable throughout a lifetime for an individual beginning at the age of 6 months.

The signature is commonly printed on the credential, but it is not very secure as a valid comparison, as this mechanism requires specific training for personnel to use effectively. Interoperability with biometrics is a common problem in credential deployments. In the long run, the cost of not collecting, saving and de-duplicating the data within standards is very expensive.

The purpose of all smart cards is to keep data secure and to remain active for a variety of transactions. It is important to note that cards are only as strong as the processes that use them. When using a card in a transaction, there are two paths for credential verification:. To implement a credential management system , all data networks inherently interface with the following main elements:. Hardware , including card acceptance devices, servers, HSMs , redundant mass storage devices, communication channels and lines, hardware tokens including smart cards , SAMs , and remotely located devices e.

Software , including operating systems, database management systems, development tools, card issuance software, card operating systems , and communication and security application programs. Data , including databases containing financial information, enrollment data, AFIS and De-Duplication systems, plus all customer or end user-related information.

This includes professional personnel, clerical staff, administrative personnel, and computer staff. Working with the above elements, an effective data security system works with the following key mechanisms to answer:. The semiconductor chip is the heart of a smart card system, and it is the security vault for your data. When comparing card alternatives, evaluate:.

A large PKI, multi-use credential project was implemented in the U. This project harmonized different employee IDs across federal departments, including contractors. The cards store biometrics and multiple certificates for digital signatures, and they enable access to secure facilities. After 10 years of deployment, the base cost of the credential is just under 5 USD for 10 million cards.

The inclusion of multiple certificates and revocation authority services also increase costs and complexity. Digital signatures are used in other deployments about as frequently as in the U. The desire to electronically sign a data package or transaction with a unique credential, then transmit the signature through any network, and lastly verify the authenticity of the sender typically drives the need for a PKI credential. By using PKI, key management complications are reduced.

The need for a PKI credential system may have been overreaching. In general, PKI performs well for a many-to-many set of relationships where digitally signed transactions occur across a large open ecosystem approximately million users.

SKI Symmetric Key Infrastructure performs well at a one-to-many set of relationships where digitally signed transactions occur by a government to its citizens or an enterprise to its members. Today, modern SKI systems offer strong eSignatures, which are similar to digital signatures. These systems use a centralized issuer, and they are not subject to the key management problems of older systems. Understanding the value of your credential program is essential to setting the level of graphic security for your card.

The most common mistake is to save incremental printing costs while leaving to chance the much higher cost of fraudulent card duplication. Things to consider when budgeting graphics include:. CardLogix recommends establishing a high threshold of security that prevents attacks, rather than hedging on low security and hoping for good luck.

For more information, see our Graphics and Security Printing Guide. Examples include color-shifting inks, tactile bumps, holograms, latent images, watermarks, and visible security threads. Because they are easily recognized, these are the easiest types of features to validate. Another example is an intentional error. These credential features are extremely secure and hard to duplicate, as they require multiple-factor validation and skilled examination.

Covert security features offer a good balance of security and ease of verification. Forensic Level 3 : The presence of forensic security features is well-concealed, and the features cannot be normally detected without highly specialized equipment. One example is an ink tagged with an unusual and rare material that responds only to a very specific light wavelength. There are many factors to consider when building a multi-functional, converged credential. From adoption to budgets, most of these issues have been observed by many mangers across the globe in some manner.

The best advice this author can give is to be fully cognizant of your current systems and the standards that your cards must live within, and talk to your vendors about all the available options to meet your goals. Since , CardLogix has manufactured millions of cards that have shipped to over 42 countries around the world.

With expertise in card and chip technology, as well as in card operating systems, biometrics, software, development tools, and middleware , CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card technology. Web: cardlogix. Contents Introduction.

SKI and Electronic Signatures. Standards That Matter Standards are important. It includes passports, border crossing cards, and visas. It covers data structure encoding and biometrics. Why this is important: Widest support around the world. The specification includes particular references to ISO documents for fingerprint biometrics and identifying data.

ISO This international standard defines contactless integrated circuit cards used for identification and the transmission protocols for communicating with it. Why this is important: This document is the standard for chip and reader hardware including the NFC specification—a must-have for all contactless card programs. It also defines structures and contents of historical bytes to describe operating characteristics of the card and structures for applications and data in the card.

This is seen at the interface when processing commands. It does not cover the internal implementation within the card or the outside world. Why this is important: All systems that utilize smart cards need to exchange data in a uniform protocol. Sections cover this subject well. ISO This international standard defines the physical characteristics for identification cards.

It also contains specifications regarding physical dimensions, and resistance to bending, flame, chemicals, temperature, humidity, and toxicity. The standard includes test methods for resistance to heat. CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Formats Framework This standard provides the ability for different biometric devices and applications to exchange biometric information between system components efficiently.

In order to support biometric technologies in a common way, the CBEFF structure describes a set of necessary headers and data elements. Why this is important: It establishes an interoperable methodology of interpreting a set of biometric data. HL7 HL7 is a set of international standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data among software applications used by various healthcare providers.

Why this is important: It has established a methodology to code and define medical data safely and efficiently. Why this is important: It has established two distinct methods of authenticating a card at a point of sale card acceptance device. It has also established rules for moving data through payment gateways and banks to ensure security for all parties. Idblox Idblox is a vendor-driven standard that supports ICAO and scalable card data mapping structures.

Why this is important: This group has established a common data dictionary with XML tags for identity based on prior specifications and established rules for encoding and using data across multiple devices with out-of-the-box, COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf components. Why this is important: when multiple languages are a barrier, this pictographic methodology makes the identity proofing for determining driving privileges easier. Impact on Existing Infrastructures Standards are particularly important when merging a new credential program with an existing infrastructure.

Stakeholders and Their Respective Budgets Every organization or government faces multiple silos of independent budgets and concerns. Encoding Aside from data mapping challenges, every project specification must describe how the data will be encoded or written to the chip. Figure 4 Back of an EU Drivers Licenses The banking industry has become more focused on consumer branding than on specific data element placement. Biometrics that Matter There are many biometric modalities and various matching technologies for which to authenticate subjects.

The biometric modalities that truly matter include: Face Portrait photo This is the most commonly used identifier in the world. Faceprint Template of the face There is no standardized matching algorithm. Fingerprint Template and image of the fingerprint Proven over time to be very reliable with reliable false acceptance and false reject rates, they are ideal for a population that is over the age of 16 and under the age of Iris Template and images of the iris Iris images are reliable throughout a lifetime for an individual beginning at the age of 6 months.

Signature Image of the signature The signature is commonly printed on the credential, but it is not very secure as a valid comparison, as this mechanism requires specific training for personnel to use effectively. Security The purpose of all smart cards is to keep data secure and to remain active for a variety of transactions. The Mechanisms of Data Security Working with the above elements, an effective data security system works with the following key mechanisms to answer: Has my data arrived intact?

Data Integrity. Data integrity ensures that data was not lost or corrupted during transmission from the sender to the receiver. Is the data correct, and does it come from the right person? Authentication mechanisms verify user or system identities so that only authorized individuals can access the data.

Non-Repudiation Can I keep this data private? Data confidentiality prevents unauthorized senders and receivers from interpreting the data. This is typically ensured by employing one or more encryption techniques to secure your data. Can I safely share this data if I choose? Authorization and Delegation. You must be able to set and manage data access privileges for additional users and groups.

Can I verify that the system is working? Auditing and Logging. You should be able to continually monitor and troubleshoot security system functions. Can I actively manage the system? Your security system must include administrative management capabilities. Is this an officially issued card and is it unique? Without a unique serial number per credential, it is difficult to know whether or not a given card was officially issued.

Is this card bound to this individual? Does this card belong to the authorized cardholder? Moreover, "As the industry continues to move toward database-centric solutions and intelligent systems using strong authenticators, such as smart cards and biometrics, the next phase will be to enable payments using the same credentials with other applications.

We are prepared for that transition," Massimo added. CardLogix' contact, contactless, and hybrid microprocessor smart cards feature up to k bytes of user memory with containers that can be configured for multiple applications. The same payment ID card can be used for cyber access control, building and room access, loyalty and stored value, and even electronic healthcare records for national healthcare identity programs.

OS smart cards and other chip solutions will bring best-in-class payment solutions that emphasize speed, convenience, and security to these emerging markets. We look forward to this new partnership focused on the growing demand for secure, closed-loop payment solutions," said Tom Hope , Director of Sales at CardLogix. For more information, go to: www. About CardLogix CardLogix is a full-service card manufacturer and software developer specializing in smart card technology with over 25 years of experience in the chip card industry.

The company provides custom-built cards, development tools, and software applications to system integrators, governments, and businesses around the world. CardLogix smart cards and software are built for multiple applications including access control, closed-loop payment systems, and national healthcare systems. CardLogix services include systems consulting and integration, artwork and security graphic printing, chip embedding, chip programming, and graphic personalization such as serialized laser engraving.

Get CEO. CA Pro. CA House Rules before posting. Use of this site indicates acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The information on this Website is not reliable and not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice.

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Share price of irctc ipo Document Security Systems, Inc. BioConnect BioConnect provides an enterprise biometric authentication and security platform. These credential features are extremely secure and hard to duplicate, as they require multiple-factor validation and skilled examination. It is used to control access to and manipulation of the database. We also offer customized
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That may be fine if your goal is to preserve capital and maintain a steady flow of interest income. Even higher-risk investments such as stocks have segments such as dividend stocks that reduce relative risk while still providing attractive long-term returns. There are, however, two catches: Low-risk investments earn lower returns than you could find elsewhere with risk; and inflation can erode the purchasing power of money stashed in low-risk investments.

In contrast, higher-risk investments are better suited for higher long-term returns. While not technically an investment, savings accounts offer a modest return on your money. A Series I savings bond is a low-risk bond that adjusts for inflation, helping protect your investment. You can buy the Series I bond from TreasuryDirect. Department of the Treasury. Why invest: The Series I bond adjusts its payment semi-annually depending on the inflation rate. With high inflation levels, the bond is paying out a sizable yield.

That will adjust higher if inflation continues to rise, too. So the bond helps protect your investment against the ravages of increasing prices. Risk: Savings bonds are backed by the U. With interest rates already on the rise in , it may make sense to own short-term CDs and then reinvest as rates move up. An alternative to a short-term CD is a no-penalty CD , which lets you dodge the typical penalty for early withdrawal. So you can withdraw your money and then move it into a higher-paying CD without the usual costs.

Why invest: If you leave the CD intact until the term ends the bank promises to pay you a set rate of interest over the specified term. Some savings accounts pay higher rates of interest than some CDs, but those so-called high-yield accounts may require a large deposit. Money market funds are pools of CDs, short-term bonds and other low-risk investments grouped together to diversify risk, and are typically sold by brokerage firms and mutual fund companies. Why invest: Unlike a CD, a money market fund is liquid, which means you typically can take out your funds at any time without being penalized.

Risk: Money market funds usually are pretty safe, says Ben Wacek, founder and financial planner of Guide Financial Planning in Minneapolis. The U. Why invest: All of these are highly liquid securities that can be bought and sold either directly or through mutual funds. If you sell them sooner than maturity, you could lose some of your principal, since the value will fluctuate as interest rates rise and fall.

Rising interest rates make the value of existing bonds fall, and vice versa. Companies also issue bonds, which can come in relatively low-risk varieties issued by large profitable companies down to very risky ones. Why invest: To mitigate interest-rate risk, investors can select bonds that mature in the next few years. Longer-term bonds are more sensitive to changes in interest rates.

To lower default risk, investors can select high-quality bonds from reputable large companies, or buy funds that invest in a diversified portfolio of these bonds. Risk: Bonds are generally thought to be lower risk than stocks, though neither asset class is risk-free.

Dividend stocks are considered safer than high-growth stocks, because they pay cash dividends, helping to limit their volatility but not eliminating it. So dividend stocks will fluctuate with the market but may not fall as far when the market is depressed.

Risk: One risk for dividend stocks is if the company runs into tough times and declares a loss, forcing it to trim or eliminate its dividend entirely, which will hurt the stock price. Preferred stocks are more like lower-grade bonds than common stocks. Still, their values may fluctuate substantially if the market falls or if interest rates rise.

Why invest: Like a bond, preferred stock makes a regular cash payout. But, unusually, companies that issue preferred stock may be able to suspend the dividend in some circumstances, though often the company has to make up any missed payments. And the company has to pay dividends on preferred stock before dividends can be paid to common stockholders.

Risk: Preferred stock is like a riskier version of a bond, but is generally safer than a stock. They are often referred to as hybrid securities because holders of preferred stock get paid out after bondholders but before stockholders.

Preferred stocks typically trade on a stock exchange like other stocks and need to be analyzed carefully before purchasing. A money market account may feel much like a savings account, and it offers many of the same benefits, including a debit card and interest payments.

A money market account may require a higher minimum deposit than a savings account, however. Why invest: Rates on money market accounts may be higher than comparable savings accounts. So money market accounts present no risk to your principal. Perhaps the biggest risk is the cost of having too much money in your account and not earning enough interest to outpace inflation, meaning you could lose purchasing power over time.

An annuity is a contract, often made with an insurance company, that will pay a certain level of income over some time period in exchange for an upfront payment. The annuity can be structured many ways, such as to pay over a fixed period such as 20 years or until the death of the client. With a fixed annuity, the contract promises to pay a specific sum of money, usually monthly, over a period of time. You can contribute a lump sum and take your payout starting immediately, or pay into it over time and have the annuity begin paying out at some future date such as your retirement date.

Why invest: A fixed annuity can provide you with a guaranteed income and return, giving you greater financial security, especially during periods when you are no longer working. An annuity can also offer you a way to grow your income on a tax-deferred basis, and you can contribute an unlimited amount to the account. Annuities may also come with a range of other benefits, such as death benefits or minimum guaranteed payouts, depending on the contract.

Annuities are fairly illiquid, meaning it can be hard or impossible to get out of one without incurring a significant penalty. If inflation rises substantially in the future, your guaranteed payout may not look as attractive either. Editorial Disclaimer: All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into investment strategies before making an investment decision.

In addition, investors are advised that past investment product performance is no guarantee of future price appreciation. How We Make Money. Editorial disclosure. James Royal. Written by. Bankrate senior reporter James F.

Avoid trading overactivity. Buffett is referring to investors who let their heads, not their guts, drive their investing decisions. In fact, trading overactivity triggered by emotions is one of the most common ways investors hurt their own portfolio returns. All the stock market tips that follow can help investors cultivate the temperament required for long-term success. Remember: Buying a share of a company's stock makes you a part owner of that business. You want to know how this company operates, its place in the overall industry, its competitors, its long-term prospects and whether it brings something new to the portfolio of businesses you already own.

Limited time offer. Terms apply. All investors are sometimes tempted to change their relationship statuses with their stocks. But making heat-of-the-moment decisions can lead to the classic investing gaffe: buying high and selling low.

Chamomile tea is a nice touch, but it's completely optional. Write down what makes every stock in your portfolio worthy of a commitment and, while your head is clear, the circumstances that would justify a breakup. For example:. What are your expectations? Catalog the potential pitfalls and mark which ones would be game-changers and which would be signs of a temporary setback.

What would make me sell: Sometimes there are good reasons to split up. For this part of your journal, compose an investing prenup that spells out what would drive you to sell the stock. The most successful investors buy stocks because they expect to be rewarded — via share price appreciation, dividends, etc. That means you can take your time in buying, too.

Here are three buying strategies that reduce your exposure to price volatility:. Dollar-cost averaging means investing a set amount of money at regular intervals, such as once per week or month. That set amount buys more shares when the stock price goes down and fewer shares when it rises, but overall, it evens out the average price you pay. Some online brokerage firms let investors set up an automated investing schedule.

Divide the amount you want to invest by three and then, as the name implies, pick three separate points to buy shares. These can be at regular intervals e. For example, you might buy shares before a product is released and put the next third of your money into play if it's a hit — or divert the remaining money elsewhere if it's not.

Learn how to open one. Checking in on your stocks once per quarter — such as when you receive quarterly reports — is plenty. This can lead to overreacting to short-term events, focusing on share price instead of company value, and feeling like you need to do something when no action is warranted. When one of your stocks experiences a sharp price movement, find out what triggered the event. Is your stock the victim of collateral damage from the market responding to an unrelated event?

Has something changed in the underlying business of the company? Is it something that meaningfully affects your long-term outlook?

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When armed with the proper framework, a converged credential system is well worth the investment. The manager must have a thorough understanding of the. Featuring Watchdata Technologies, CardLogix and HID Global Among Others help governments raise investment capital, and speed payments, globally. CardLogix announce a strategic partnership to create highly secure e-Passport solutions. Benzinga does not provide investment advice.