investing in education quotes
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Investing in education quotes forex head office

Investing in education quotes

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Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future. Ladies and gentlemen: There can be no greater investment in Alabama's future than an investment in education. When the students are occupied, they're not juvenile delinquents. I believe that education is a capital investment. Investment in early education is not a Liberal or Conservative idea. Nor should it be decided along party lines.

In Congress, I'll work hard to encourage investment in education, particularly with respect to technology and bridging the digital divide. International lending banks need to focus on areas where private investment doesn't go, such as infrastructure projects, education and poverty relief. Education technology and school construction go together. Modernization, updating education facilities, and making a capital investment in education are all included.

Investment in education and economic prosperity is the best way to cure fanaticism and for establishing a just peace in the Middle East. The wealthiest Americans often live as though they and their children had nothing to gain from investments in education, infrastructure, clean-energy, and scientific research. That's the value of a college education I don't know anywhere in the world where you can make an investment and make that kind of return.

If we're going to see sustainable results from all the other investments we're making in education, we need to build leadership capacity in each and every country. As we develop and get quicker with technology in America, it's like we're downgrading if you look at the investment in education No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy.

My work on human capital began with an effort to calculate both private and social rates of return to men, women, blacks, and other groups from investments in different levels of education. During my time as a state legislator, I've pushed for significant investment in public school districts. In Congress, I would look forward to increasing federal public investment in education through initiatives like Race to the Top.

There's a need for accepting responsibility - for a person's life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education. We have lots of evidence that putting investments in early childhood education, even evidence from very hard-nosed economists, is one of the very best investments that the society can possibly make. And yet we still don't have public support for things like preschools.

I will tell you, in the case of education, you have to make the investment if you're going to get the return. There's no doubt about that. It's a proven fact the return is there if you make the investment. It really is about priorities.

An education is the investment with the greatest returns. Votes: 0. An investment in education always pays the highest returns. Girls' education is the single best investment that any society can make Votes: 0. An investment in education pays the best dividends that last for generations. Investment in girls' education may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world.

Once we considered education a public expense; we know now that it is a public investment. Success takes an investment in time, dedication, and sacrifice. This is true education. It is a process. Nothing brings more money to the Treasury of the United States, than investment in education of the American people.

We believe, that is, you and I, that education is not an expense.

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Investment In Education Quotes An investment in education always pays the highest returns. No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in. FUNDERSTANDING "'An investnnt in knowledge · "Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents; nobody · EDUCATION IS. Quotes About Investing In Education · Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. · The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. · Human.