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Westminster Exhibitions " The drives come pre-formatted with two partitions, one to hold the operating system and the other, larger one, to be used as workspace. Drives for the A come with Workbench 2, whereas drives for the A have Workbench 3 installed. Four mounting screws and an appropriate cable are supplied with each drive. Fitting instructions are provided, or you could use this month's feature on page New Horizons Computers are on » They may easily be modified for use with other types of sequencers.

Volume 4 contains music by Mozart, Purcell, Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn. Volume 6 contains music by Mozart, Bach and Chopin Hurrah! The fourth new release is devoted to Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. It contains pages dealing with such topics as how to install ARexx, its main features as a language, how to use it to control applications and details of ARexx's built-in functions and support libraries.

A disk is also included, which contains programs from the book. This month, your reflective and studious correspondent was privileged to review The Context Bible Concordance, a thoughtful and serious product for the Amiga, from Neurallnk USA. The folks at Neuralink are committed to serious Bible students as well as the ordinary Amiga user. For the past two years they have provided the Bible in Thinker hypertext format. Their latest aid to Bible study is The Context Bible Concordance, which provides fast word- and phrase- searching for finding the verses you need to enhance your study and writing.

And it's fast: a search showing all of the verses in the Bible which contain both Jesus and Christ takes less than one second on an unaccelerated Amiga. If you still can't make your mind up about which one you need, then write to Neuralink and ask for the free demo disk. Tell 'em that the Amiga Cowboy suggested it. Nothin' excites an old cowboy like Amiga graphics, and the pictures coming off my monitor screen nowadays are even better than before - thanks to a new program.

Bob Liddil renders unto the Amiga,.. As might be expected from someone presenting a Holy Work, The Context Bible comes with a two-year money-back guarantee. This volume is certainly a welcome bonus to an already well- endowed package. Octree Software has introduced the latest version of Caligari, titled Caligari Unlike older programs, Caligari's direct manipulation actually mirrors the everyday world. Objects can be moved, rotated and scaled by simply pointing the mouse, so there's no menus to access "Hooray!

And everything happens in real time. A hard disk isn't strictly necessary unless you want to do photorealistic rendering , but you'd have to be loco to try using Caligari24 without one. An accelerator for bit and floating point operations is strongly recommended as well, permitting Caligari24 to operate at substantially higher speeds.

It reads and writes Videoscape and Lightwave 3D object formats. The package includes a comprehensive manual and a tutorial on video tape. Almost all registered Caligari users should be eligible to upgrade to Caligari For more information, you should contact: Octree Software, "Caligari's direct manipulation actually mirrors the everyday world" Landings Drive, Mountain View, CA USA « , or Now it's time for your Amiga Cowboy to meander off into the sunset, blithely pulling cactus spikes out of my posterior parts.

The cord to my Amiga pulled me off my horse. I was trying to rope cattle and edit my startup-sequence at the same time! But I would like, before I go, to put out a request for mail. What would you all like to know about Amiga in the USA? Would you like a discussion of Amiga bulletin board services, for example? Help me out with this, couldja? Meanwhile, until next time, it's whoopie-tie-yi-yea and so long, pardners! So join your host, the Editor, Cliff Ramshaw, for some more no-holds-barred bantering.

So get to it! The and were also listed so it seems unlikely that it was a mistake involving these two Amigas. If this new machine does exist I wonder if you have any official specs; on the other hand If it is a mistake you'd better inform the advertiser in question. I have also noticed that some of the response to the new has been a little negative. I admittedly was unsure about the ; after all, where was the improved sound, HD drive and ' chip?

People have also criticised the exclusion of a SCSI but the wide majority of people only use this Interface for a hard drive. This has to be considered as a big benefit and, to be honest, how many people really have tape streamers that they use with their Amiga? Commodore has just released a machine that delivers better graphics than either a PC or a Falcon, with performance similar to that of a SX. Commodore has issued no details of a new Amiga, but we strongly believe that a cut- down version of the A, with a less powerful processor, will soon be appearing.

As for your remarks on the A, I agree - I think it's a wonderful machine. Rather than just sit back and slowly steam about this, I decided to put together the kind of library that I personally would use. We are now compiling what we hope will be a comprehensive listing of any and all user groups, together with any other interested commercial listings. We are particularly looking for groups outside Europe. Entry for all user groups will be totally free.

Number of members. We regret that at this time individual users cannot be entered in the compilation. Bob Powell Birmingham Well, Amiga users of the world, this is your chance to unite. Allow me to set the record straight. It is a running at 50 MHz and will probably not be released to the public. This will most likely continue the theme of 'better, stronger, faster'. MP and XP are the code names for the next two series devices Motorola has promised, although it is not giving any clues as to what these will be and ?

There are two more points In your January edition which I wish to discuss. Firstly, in your reply to AS Cuddwell, you said that it would be possible to unplug the A's and plug in an ' or ' How do you unplug a surface- mounted chip and plug in another chip possibly with a different pin-out? Secondly, the cover disk contained some useful utilities, but If I may quote Ian Wrigley on page regarding a disk he reviewed which contained ReOrg, as also supplied on your disk : "I think that any utilities disk which includes a defragmenter should also be forced to contain a backup program too.

Keith Noble via e-mail Thanks for the info on Motorola's plans, Keith. As regards replacing the A's processor, it is actually done by plugging a processor board into the trapdoor slot. And as to your point about the hard disk backup program And by the way, anyone else who ends their letter with words to the effect of "I bet you do not print this letter" will guarantee just that.

Add 'how to' tutorials to this and you have a winner. Speaking from experience, no- one complained about my compilation. What about it Cliff? If, in the meantime, anybody out there has any other ideas for the contents of the cover disk, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Are you really forgetting the A already? Several suppliers sell Internal hard drives for the A So why not include the A in your article? There are many more As than As and As. If they want a hard drive they have to go through the process described on page 14, whereas A owners have the far easier method available of fitting a drive to the expansion port.

Fear not, we haven't forgotten the A, and an article on internal drives may well be coming up in the future. I sent you Issue one of my disk magazine Dual Impact about 11 months ago, and it took about five issues to get reviewed. When it was reviewed I was extremely pleased because, without your review, I would only have got a total of one sale.

As soon as you had reviewed the first issue, I set to work on a second and sent it to you about five months ago now. I was expecting it to be reviewed pretty soon, and when I saw in Issue 20 that you were planning to do a disk magazine round up in Issue 21, I expected that it would be reviewed then. Unfortunately Dual Impact Issue two was not included. I wouldn't mind the amount of time it takes to getPD reviewed in Sorry you're not happy Chris; let's try and answer your points.

Firstly, there is no preference given to larger PD libraries - the contents of the section are determined by Ian, who bases his decisions on those programs that most interest him. It's a shame that Dual Impact had to wait so long to be reviewed, but this happens with many products, not just PD - there just isn't the space to review absolutely everything as soon as it comes out; we have to decide what will be of the most interest to our readers. And I think your argument about us being the equivalent of a newsagent to you a little contrived: after all, newsagents make a profit from selling copies of Amiga Shopper.

Sadly Dual Impact did not make it into the round-up in Issue 21, but I'm sure there were several other disk magazines that also weren't Included for reasons of space. These programs all seem to be supplied by the big PD libraries, and frankly this Just isn't fair. People like me rely on your magazine to get a review, and thus some publicity. If you think about it your magazine is like a newsagent to me: if there weren't any newsagents your magazine wouldn't sell nearly as well as it does.

The disk magazine section only comes up every now and again. I think it should be just as regular as your utilities section, or your demos section. Please make it a more regular section, as it will help me and many others who take a lot of time to write disk magazines. I also don't regard your PD section to be anywhere near big enough, totalling about four pages each issue.

I am sure you get plenty of programs to review each month, probably enough to fill about ten pages - so do itl Chris Aubrey Sheffield value of PD to the readership, as compared to the value of something else that would have to be dropped to yield the space. I'll bear your comments in mind. Although, as you said, he did make some valid points, I felt that he came down rather hard on the A the machine I am currently writing this letter on.

From his comments I would say that Mr Thomson was getting his information from a certain ST magazine. I, too, read the article in this magazine; they made some interesting 'omissions'! Firstly, although the Falcon does have a more powerful CPU, what Mr Thomson forgot to mention was what has always been the Amiga's real strength, the custom chips. The AGA chip set is effectively bit and has a blitter, graphics co-processor and excellent sprite hardware. The Falcon's answer to this Is Its own blitter, and that's it.

No sprites a fact that Atari fans like to keep hidden! Is Mr Thomson trying to say this incredible power will not make any difference? He should really come and see how I can drag around a backdrop- laden screen several times the physical size of my TV using Workbench 3 - smooth does not begin to describe it! Secondly, an awful lot of people seem to be making a tremendous fuss over the high-density floppy drive on the Falcon. Although this is a very nice floppy drive, it is the only floppy drive we will see fitted to the Falcon.

Another little-known fact about this 'wonder' machine is that you can't fit any more floppies to it. I will be able to fit another three to my machine when third- party developers get going. Thirdly, what is this business about the Amiga not being able to manipulate its enhanced graphic modes as well as the Falcon?

This, too, is straight from the ill-informed pages of a certain ST magazine. Atari are seemingly very proud of the fact that the Falcon possesses true bit colour not using methods such as HAM but It follows that true bit colour requires 16 bit planes. HAM-8, on the other hand, as its name suggests, uses only 8-bit planes to deliver , colours. Now, If the Falcon, using a bit blitter, has to shift twice as much information as an Amiga using a bit blitter, which machine is going to come out on top?

It beats me how the Atari fanatics came up with that one. If it is because animations are done using differences between each frame, then yes, this shifts the balance slightly in the Falcon's favour as the differences are likely to be greater using HAM, but twice the information is still twice as much. The next part of Mr Thomson's interesting letter I'd like to address is the " developers beavering away with Who are these developers?

What are they developing? The ST magazine printed this propaganda, with no details, to increase confidence in a machine seriously behind its launch-date. The Amiga scene is buzzing. This, as you rightly pointed out, will cripple the machine's CPU and blitter as each tries to access the memory. Then let us know and win yourself a fiver into the bargain.

I know I am supposed to make back- up copies of important disks but I did not on one particular occasion - and it happened to be the disk that contained all my word processor files since April After purchasing and playing Team 17's Assassin, I saved the high score table on the above-mentioned disk. Everything was OK until I came to load in some files I had been working on in Protext, when, horror of horrors, the Amiga did not recognise the disk and apparently all my files had gone. After giving it a bit of thought I decided to put the disk through Disk Doctor and, hey presto, all my files were replaced and Protext was able to load every single one!

Most people think Disk Doctor is a bit severe for the purpose it was designed for, but it certainly saved my sanity. Needless to say I have a backup of this disk now. Martin Kaminski Horsham, West Sussex This is positively the last letter I'll print about the Falcon, unless someone has something new and incredibly constructive to say. There is still the problem of misinformation regarding the Falcon. When we originally compared its specs with those of the A, we were going on information that couldn't be confirmed because no- one at the time had seen a Falcon hence the mistakes that crept in and which some of you have written to correct.

Similarly, no doubt, the writers of the ST magazine you refer to don't really understand the Amiga's strengths. CShea Swansea No Well, before you start, it's important that you know at least a little about hard drives in general.

That should extend as far as knowing what one Is, what it would do for you, and why you would want one. If you are not really sure about any of these, then this upgrade is not for you. But, if you do know expensive damage to your precious Amiga - and that is the very last thing we want!

Installing a drive yourself is cheaper than getting someone else to do it, but is still going to set you back a fair sum. You're also looking at a great deal of time. Following this guide will invalidate your warranty, and you could potentially cause expensive damage to your computer. If you are not sure about what you are doing, then by all means get the job done by someone who is, preferably a respectable dealer.

Amiga Shopper can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of data occurring as a result of information in this article. This article describes in detail how to install a hard drive into your A computer. There is also a section which specifically applies to the A, and shows how to perform the same operation on this slightly different machine.

In addition to general knowledge about hard drives, you'll need to be familiar with the operation of your Amiga, which includes being able to operate the Shell, and Workbench applications. Last but not least, you must also be prepared to follow the instructions carefully. Read every section before trying to carry any of them out. If you get something wrong, you can cause drive and plugging it in - for evidence of this, just flick through the following five pages to see how long this article is!

Depending on what bits you need, the whole process could take you a week or more. That's the easy bit. Consequently, they are widely available, and are good value for money. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20Mb to around Mb.

I recommend looking at the 40Mb or 60Mb devices if you can afford it, as 20Mb fills up very quickly indeed. This is extremely important, as it dictates whether or not you can simply plug in a drive into your machine and go. To find out, boot your A off the workbench disk, and select 'About..

If it reads "Kickstart version If it shows "version Hard disk installation software. In particular, you will need a program called HDToolBox which will enable you to format and partition your drive for use. At the very least, you absolutely must get HDToolBox in order to use your hard drive once you have installed it. One specific piece of advice I'd offer is: don't drink too much coffee before starting. Your hands will shake! Now we've established what you'll need, let's discuss the operation in a bit more detail.

Your A computer comes complete with a hard drive interface for IDE-type hard drives. It contains enough space for one 2. There are a few different drive types around, and it's important that you don't get them confused. SCSI is a faster and more advanced hard drive system. It's more expensive than IDE, and is commonly found in higher end machines such as the A and A IDE, on the other hand, is less advanced.

As a result of this, it is cheaper. Please make sure that you read the section on the A at the end of this article before you rush off to try following the installation guide that appears over the next few pages. The installation procedure differs slightly for A owners, while some drives are known to be incompatible with this newer machine. Consult the list on the facing page for suppliers of these. You IDE interface in every A computer.

For some reason they also put IDE into the A, but who are we to argue with their choices? It's also quite handy for verifying the contents of your hard disk, and enables you to bypass any errors that might appear. You can literally map out the faulty parts of the hard disk and the Amiga will ignore them. A type of hard disk.

The board with all the components mounted on it inside your computer. More of these are becoming available, and they are a convenient way of expanding your RAM. As they become more popular, prices will drop. They are used a lot in the portable PC market as a smaller floppy-type storage device, the difference being that they have no moving parts, are more reliable and require less power to operate them.

Partitioning - Making a large hard disk pretend to be several smaller ones. This is memory that is permanent. You cannot write to it, and it retains its contents if you switch your computer off. This is different from RAM, Random Access Memory, which you can read and write to, and loses its contents on a reset or loss of power. Compared to IDE, this is a faster and more advanced type of hard disk. It is more commonly found in higher end machines, such as the A and A This is where you make an extra special effort to take extreme caution with something.

It's where you think twice before plugging something in and make sure it's the right way round, it's where you check everything at least three times, and it's the most easy way of guaranteeing that the job you're doing will actually be a success. In the long run, TLC ensures a job is completed sooner than hurrying, as when you hurry, you make mistakes, and they take time to fix.

I've blown up an A by ignoring my own advice! I cannot stress this enough. Multiply this total by 2. That is the size, in Megabytes, you will require. Clearly this is a very rough way of doing it, but it will give you sensible answers in most cases. The most common sizes of 2. Approximate prices of suitable IDE drives for your A are listed below. Four sizes are included in the list, 20, 40, 60 and 80Mb and prices are for the 2.

No other sizes will fit inside the A For each of the four categories, up to two known working drives are listed. By 'slower', I do not mean that the drive crawls along at, say, the same pace as a floppy disk. In fact, IDE requires more of your computer's time to process the data. Consequently, when you are using the multi-tasking abilities of your Amiga computer to its fullest and trying to access your IDE hard drive, it is likely that you may notice some reduction in speed.

The 2. Another point worth considering is that once you have a hard drive installed, you will have slightly less memory available - this may affect some programs that you use. This is discussed in greater detail later on, where some suggested expansion devices are also listed. If you can afford it, or don't want to risk the damage, get a dealer to upgrade your A for you.

Also, Commodore is likely to bring out its own hard drive kit for the A at some time in the near future, and you may prefer to wait for that if you are not in any particular hurry. But then again, you could end up waiting forever!

When you have decided that you want to do it yourself, there are several more things you should think about - apart, of course, from resolving to follow each instruction to the letter. First, you should consider the size of drive you will require. If you just want it to do a little word processing, and that's all, then 20Mb will almost certainly be enough. A nice simple formula to work out how much hard disk space you will probably need is this. Consult the list of suppliers just to the left, and buy yourself a 2.

If there's any doubt as to which cable to order, order an "IDE cable suitable for connecting a hard drive to the Amiga A, internally. Your local dealer may be able to help you on both counts. Once you have obtained these bits and pieces, you are all ready to get installing. I would strongly recommend the 40 or 60Mb drives for general work and data storage.

Users out there who want to carry out tasks such as ray tracing, programming, DTP and other disk- intensive occupations really do need 40Mb - at least. I would only consider the 20Mb drive if you're on a tight budget, or as I mentioned earlier, have simple requirements of your upgrade.

And finally, this might also be a good time to consider selling your A and getting an A If you're not just a games player and use your machine seriously, it may be worth taking this opportunity to upgrade, especially if you would benefit from the extra speed.

The A has more memory 2Mb , better graphics and expansion potential - and Workbench 3 of course. Toby Simpson takes you step-by-step through the whole procedure the category of Commodore. If you've discovered that you have an incompatible Kickstart version Both these items can be bought from Commodore's spares department. It may sound patronising, but - be careful!

Your cheap hard disk, upgrade can turn into an expensive nightmare if you hurry. But that's enough of the preaching - on with the practical. What you'll find over the next four pages is a six-step guide with diagrams, explaining the complete task ahead. Get yourself a well-lit surface, get all your bits together and away we go! To get it apart, first undo the four screws along the bottom and right-hand edges Picture B: Now turn the A the right way up again. Next, you need to separate the six clips which are still holding the case together Unplug everything.

Then turn your A upside down, and undo the fixing screws shown in Picture A. Don't get carried away unscrewing things - you only need to unscrew these four. At the risk of patronising you a little more, don't lose the screws! Of course, you wouldn't do that - would you? Once you have removed the screws, you have the fun and slightly scary bit to look forward to.

Turn the machine back up the right way - don't worry, it won't fall apart. Then turn it the right way around so that the keyboard is facing you. Six clips are holding the case on: four along the back where the connectors are; one on the right between the 3. They are indicated in Picture B. Start with the clip next to the disk drive and work around the back.

It's handy to have a friend around to stop them all from clipping back. Gently prise each clip apart, all the while exerting a little pressure to pull the two halves of the A apart at the keyboard front end. Be extra careful here, as by the time you've done a few clips, the case will literally fall apart - unless you're holding onto it, you can damage the keyboard connector.

Lift the top of the case up about an inch and put it down two inches to the left. Your A should now look like Picture E on the following page. Disconnect this, remembering that the black wire was at the right-hand disk drive side. You may need to slide a screwdriver underneath it in order to get it free.

Now tip the keyboard half way over so that it is upside down. Your A should now look pretty much like the one in Picture C. The drive cradle arrowed In this picture is where the new IDE mechanism will go. If you have an old version of the Kickstart ROM, you'll need to install a new one of these as well Now you've removed the casing, you should familiarise yourself with where everything is, especially noting the drive cradle, as shown in the photo.

It's quite fun to have a good look around anyway. Note also the large pin chip at the bottom left of the PCB. This is your Kickstart ROM. If you have had to buy a new one, this is where it goes. If you have not, skip the rest of this section and proceed directly to Step 3.

First, you have to remove your old Kickstart ROM. This is in a socket, so it is a reasonably straightforward procedure. Place a flat-edged screwdriver under the left- hand side and rock it lightly left and right to prise up one end of the chip slightly. Then repeat this on the other side. After a couple of goes, you should be able to grip the ROM, with one finger at each end, and lift it out.

Put this somewhere safe as an emergency back-up - in case you damage your new ROM by accident. Now press it down firmly and check around the sides that each pin has gone in correctly. If one hasn't, remove it and start again. You may need to bend the particular pin inwards slightly. Remember that chips can be damaged by static electricity, so always handle them with care, and avoid touching the pins if you can.

Offer lasts till Feb 20th only. Phone our Sales Hotline for further details. AHD Owners - Upgrade to a bigger drive. Phone for more detais. Hard Drives fitted by us are delivered formatted and partitioned. Then you need to link up the connecting cable. Make sure this is firmly attached, as well as the right way round! Now screw the drive to the cradle. You should remove the cradle from the machine in order to do this - it is not screwed down and will come out easily if you pull it.

Attach the cable to the drive first, and then to the PCB. The cable can only be attached in one way - if you try any other way, it won't fit when you attempt to re- seat the cradle. You should find the cable has a mark down one side of it. This is the 'Pin indicator'. On most cables, it's a coloured strip of red or black. Locate this, and ensure that it points to the Kickstart ROM. This will help you to get it the right way around. Once you've done that, make a careful comparison between what your A looks like now and Picture D.

They should look the same. Double check everything, but especially make sure that: 1. The cable is firmly attached to each end of the drive. Both the cradle and the drive are the right way around. If you've had to Install a new Kickstart ROM, check it's the right way around, and that all the pins are in the socket. Now check it again, and compare it against Picture D. If you have not checked it thoroughly enough, I'll probably find you back here again in about five minutes' time!

Take care not to knock or drop the drive mechanism while you are doing this. With the cradle back in place, it's now time for you to put your A back together. Gently position the keyboard on top of the lower casing so that it looks like Picture E. Make sure that you also reconnect the keyboard power connector with the black wire at the right-hand side. Be careful not to trap the keyboard cable outside the box by accident - it's quite easy to do!

If the case doesn't fit back together easily, then don't force it - check to make sure that you haven't got anything trapped somewhere inside. When the casing has clipped back into place, turn your A upside down again, and put the four screws back in. It's just like doing Step 1 again, only this time in reverse.

Having totally re-assembled your A, turn it the right way up again, and reconnect the mouse, video, and power connectors. If you have any other peripherals, don't plug them in just yet. You are now all ready to switch on. First switch on your monitor or TV, and then your computer. If everything has gone according to plan, it should go through the usual reset cycle, and prompt you to insert a Workbench disk as normal.

This is the sound of your brand-new hard drive, and hopefully something you'll become quite accustomed to in the near future. If you cannot hear this, or your machine is not working, don't panic. Switch everything off, and go back to the start, making sure that you check and double-check everything. If your keyboard isn't working check by pressing the [Caps lock] button then you did not connect the keyboard properly, as in Step 4.

This was your A first of all checking the drive and secondly trying to boot from it. It won't have been able to do this, however, as the drive has probably been sold to you blank. Just like an unformatted floppy disk, the computer can't use the hard drive until you have prepared it. Ci miTi! It gives you safer and more convenient your hard drive, you'll be able to boot straight Into data storage, especially on large-capacity drives Workbench without all the usual hanging around Boot your computer from your Workbench disk.

Insert the disk with it on in dfO:, and run the program. This should look like the picture above. Don't be alarmed by the fact that HDToolBox proudly states that you have just installed a SCSI drive into your machine - it's not being entirely truthful. This is a trick by Commodore so that software works properly. Click on 'Change Drive Type'. Now click on 'Read Configuration From Drive'. If all is well, the drive light should flicker, and information about the drive is sent to HDToolBox.

Now that HDToolBox knows about your new drive, you are able to partition it. Partitioning is where you get your large hard drive to pretend to be lots of little ones. There are a number of advantages to this: speed is one, and security is another. If, for example, you accidentally reset while the hard drive is working, then you should only damage data in one partition.

Most people have at least two partitions, one holding the Workbench software, and another for all their programs and data. If you have a large drive more than 20Mb , I would recommend at least three. Use one for the Workbench software of more than 2Mb, and put your Extras, Workbench and other files in there.

If you intend to install Workbench 2. Then you could have one called 'Data' for your data files, and one called 'Programs' for all of your applications software. This is just one suggestion - it's worth devoting some thought to this, as it's a real pain to have to re- partition at a later date.

It's not the purpose of this article to be an entire instruction manual for HDToolBox, as that should have come with the program. But just to give you a quick outline: having set up your drive as indicated above, go to the 'Partition Drive' part of the program.

See the centre picture above for an example of this. Make the first partition Bootable. This is vital. If you forget to do it. Without the ROM not needed if you have Kickstart We can be more imaginative, and call them names that mean something, like 'Programs:' and 'Work:'.

The program will ask you to confirm, and the partitioning information is then written to the hard disk. Now, click on 'Exit'. This time, you should see some additional icons on your Workbench screen, one for each partition. These are not formatted yet, and probably appear as 'BAD'. Select your first partition, and format it as you would a floppy drive, making sure that you format it as 'fast file system'.

This will take some time. Once this is done, repeat it for every one of your partitions. Without Commodore's official Install disk, this is a bit laborious, but it is still a straightforward affair that requires a little knowledge of the Shell. Get all your disks together. By this I mean your Workbench disk, Extras and other disks that came with your A except games of course!

Open up a shell, and type: copy dfO:? Now press [Return], and all the contents of dfO: your Workbench disk will now be copied to the hard disk. This should look rather like the right-hand picture above. When this has finished, remove your Workbench disk, wait a few seconds and then reset your machine - this time, without a disk in the drive.

If you've done everything correctly, your hard disk light should flicker rapidly, and soon you should be looking at the Workbench screen. If you've got this far, pat yourself on the back: you're very clever! Now, you have to repeat the procedure with all of your other system software disks in order to copy your tools and other items across onto the hard disk.

This won't take too long. Now you're in a position to start installing all your own personal software. I strongly recommend that you keep your own programs out of the Workbench partition, and in your own section where they belong. This makes upgrades to new operating systems that little bit easier In the future.

With Workbench 2. If you have problems, then it's best to consult your local dealer - although you may have to pay if you have caused any damage to the computer. We can't enter into detailed correspondence with individuals about the procedure, as it would take too much time. But, if you're in a real fix, then write to the Amiga Shopper Answers panel, and we'll try and sort out the problem right here in the pages of the magazine, where everyone can benefit from it.

Comes complete with 1 Meg of RAM, mouse, power supply and hard drive interface. Available with or without a hard drive. Sy quest Removable Hard Drives 44 Meg inc. Backs up to 4 floppy drives or to tape streamer without the need for additional software. Has a built-in schedu- lar, selective backup or disk image Guaranteed to be the fastest and most reliable!

Amiga DOS 2. Can power hard drive as well with optional cable, Ready to plug and go! Fan cooled! Now in stock! Also has the capability to add up to 8Meq of bit RAM. Available as either 1 4MHz 1 or 25MHz It has proven time and time again to be the best. It offers 25, 33 or 38MHz clock speeds, a socket for a maths co-processor up to 50MHz. It has a socket on board for complete fallback compatability.

High speed serial and parallel ports. High speed SCSI 1 and 2 on hoard. Faster than an A! Open Monday to Saturday 9. I hate to say it, but most of you will eventually be victims of a hard disk error, either caused by a software crash, or by you resetting your machine at the wrong time. There are two types of hard disk user: 'User A' backs up all their data, and so an error like this is just a minor inconvenience.

But 'User B' is very upset and swears a lot because he or she has no backups. There is a moral to this story - back up your data or you will be sorry! It's a good idea to buy a proper hard disk backup program, such as AmiBack 2.

Both of these programs are excellent and very reliable. Either will give you a suitable helping of peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your data is backed up securely. Or, of course, you could use Kwikbackup - on this month's cover disk! It's good backup procedure to have two backups, to keep them in separate places, and to alternate between the two.

This way, if something goes wrong while you are backing up, then you aren't left with no reserve copies whatsoever. Also, you should try and keep your hard disk organised, neat and tidy. Finding something you want in a drawer full of floppy disks is bad enough - it's even worse on a nearly- full Mb hard disk when you don't know where to start. HDToolBox has a verify data on drive option. This checks every single block on your hard disk for errors and reports them if it finds any.

It's a good idea to do this once in a while - every month or so should be more than enough. If you take care of it, your hard disk will certainly out-last your A Hard disks are delicate, and don't respond well to knocks and bashes. Although you're not probably in the habit of throwing your computer at walls, bear this in mind. One final thing: with your hard drive installed, you will find that suddenly you have less memory available from the Workbench than before.

This is because your new hard disk takes up a certain amount of memory in order to work. So, if you have an unexpanded A, you might find yourself running very short indeed. Fortunately, you can use the 'early boot' menu obtained by holding both mouse buttons down when you reset to disable your hard disk if you want to use floppy software that needs more memory.

I recommend that if you only have 1Mb, you should install a little more. Commodore's A costs very little and fits in the trapdoor slot underneath your A to give you an extra K. You are a lucky person. Unfortunately, you also have Workbench 3 on floppy disks, which is a slow experience to say the least. Adding a hard drive to your A makes an incredible difference. The good news about adding a hard drive to the A is that you don't have to worry about Kickstart versions, as A owners do, since the A comes complete with a ROM which can work with hard drives straight away.

You still need to get hold of HDToolBox, however, in order to format your drive. Having said this, in our tests the A version worked just fine. If you're worried about this, contact Commodore direct and ask about getting hold of the Workbench 3 hard disk installation disk.

The instructions for installing a drive in the A are much the same as those for the A The two photographs above will help you to identify the differences between the A and A Photo F shows the various screws you will have to undo on your A to take it apart, and Picture G shows where the hard drive is mounted.

For some reason the A is slightly more fussy about drives than the A, and also requires a little handiwork inside HDToolBox. You will need to set the 'MaxTransfer' rate to, at most, '0x' with most drives. Some drives are known not to work properly. You should steer clear of the following, as they have been tested and have shown some unreliability problems on the A though they work fine on the A If you're still not sure, buy a drive from an Amiga dealer, such as one that advertises in Amiga Shopper.

They will be able to recommend drives that are known to work. There - you knew that already! More specifically, the Amiga uses advanced features of IDE drives that PCs don't, and this reveals bugs and errors inside the hard drives themselves. Once you have installed a hard disk inside your A, you will have to install your software in much the same way as the A, only there are more disks this time.

What you really need is the Workbench 3 Hard Disk Install disk, although this isn't available separately. Pester your dealer, or Commodore, or both to get hold of this disk. What this means is that you must load up Workbench first and open a Shell before you can make any use of its contents.

The reason for this is that it saves space, and therefore allows us to pack more information onto the disk. If you're running on a system without a hard drive or a second floppy, then you'd be advised to copy a few things into your RAM: drive before continuing. Doing so will ensure you have to swap disks as seldom as possible. Archiving is a method of grouping several related files together into one large file.

It also compresses these files so that they take up less space. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to use a de-archiving program on the files of interest before you can use them. The archiver supplied in the c directory of the cover disk is LhA, a very powerful one. Full documentation for its use can be found in the LhA archive, held within the disk's utilities directory. Before you unarchive anything, you have to decide where you are going to put it.

If you have plenty of memory to spare, then there's no problem: simply unarchive everything to the RAM disk. If you have a hard disk then again you'll find life easier - you can unarchive everything to this. If neither of the above apply, you'll have to format another floppy disk ready to receive the programs. Bear in mind that you won't be able to fit all of the programs onto one floppy, so you will have to have several standing by.

Once you have found an archive of interest, then the procedure for getting at the programs it holds is simple. The command lha is used, followed by a switch which is a shorthand way of telling it that you want it to de-compress information. After this comes the name and location of the archive you want, followed by the place where the archiver is to put the decompressed files. All of the archives have '. Other programs are ready to use as is. The final part of the command, My Disk:, is the location that you want the un- compressed files to end up in.

In this case it is the name of a floppy disk that you have already formatted. The name can be anything you like, but it's best to avoid including spaces. If you were de-archiving to your RAM disk then you would replace the name of the disk with the word ram:. Similarly hard disk users should replace it with the name of a partition, such as dhO:.

Once you've performed this process, you'll find using the dlr command that just about every archive contains, aside from the utility program itself, a documentation file, usually called readme or with a filename ending in.

This can be read with a text editor or text display program. Either way, you'll find that you'll have to do some disk swapping so that AmigaDOS can find the text program in question. It's a good idea to read these documentation files: that way you can be sure of getting the most out of the programs on the disk. As far as the rest of the programs on the disk go, you'll find that they are ready to use immediately.

Alternatively, for convenience you may wish to copy them to another work disk using the AmigaDOS copy command. Welcome to Volume Two of our Amiga shareware collection. Not only does this one contain some amazing shareware and public domain utilities, including a valuable hard disk back-up program, but also a complete assembler package and listings from just about every programming column in the magazine. For instructions on how to retrieve the programs from their special archived format, please read the panel to the left.

It converts Guru numbers long and difficult-to- understand error codes given by the system when a program has crashed into meaningful messages which should help you track down any errors in your program. The program is run from the Shell or CLI. Iha Workbench 2 and above Archived size: 6, Full size: 10, Cycle To Menu is a commodity program which will create pop-up menus that use the standard gad- tools cycle gadgets, making menu Before going any further you should make a copy of your disk.

All further work should then be done with this copy. Then, if the disk somehow gets damaged, you can refer back to your original. To make a copy, first move the write-protect tab on your cover disk the small black square on the top right of the disk so that the hole it selections even easier than they already are.

To use the program, simply drag its icon once it has been unarchived, of course into the WBStartup drawer. It enables you to make a complete backup of all the information on your hard disk onto a group of floppies. Once you've grown used to a hard disk, you soon come to think of it as being immortal. This impression continues until the day it crashes, at which time you realise you have lost a great deal of valuable data - as well as programs which you have no copies of.

Regular backing up of a hard drive is essential to guard against this eventuality. We've also included a complete assembly language development package, along with a couple of example programs to get you started. It is stored in a directory called assembler and details of how to use it can be found on page The rest of the disk is taken up with source code from within the magazine.

Both are the Julia set generator listed on page This means that nothing can be written to the disk, and nothing can be deleted from it. Now type the following: diskcopy from dfO: to dfO: You may modify this line if you have more than one floppy drive. You will be asked to insert the 'source' disk - this is the cover disk. After you do so, the Amiga will read some of the information from it. Then you'll be asked to insert the destination disk.

This is the disk that is to become your copy. Insert a spare disk and wait for the Amiga to write to it. You'll soon be asked to replace the 'source' disk. The process of swapping disks will repeat a few times before the entire disk has been copied. Once it has, make sure you put your original away somewhere safe.

Brief instructions for using LhA can be found in the 'Getting at the programs' panel; full instructions are contained within its own archive. It's handy for sussing out why programs won't work properly. Often they are looking for other files or programs that they can't find. SnoopDOS will tell you what they're looking for. It will tell you about AmigaDOS function calls, as well as calls to libraries, devices and even searches for fonts. It's easy to use, and it could be a life-saver Shown is just one of the requesters - the palette requester - that ReqTools supplies Virus Checker- a small, inoffensive program to guard against small, offensive ones The Amiga Shopper Shareware Collection Volume Two scrpack.

This is the screen packing program, listed on page 77 of the AMOS column. They are called programlx, program2. The company owns and manages 14 power generating plants and an mile electric transmission line in the US. The company has applied for a listing to the NYSE and expects to be there in the first half of The best news for investors is that Atlantic Power's high yield should continue unabated. The company has stated that it will continue to pay the same monthly dividend on the common shares.

Also, since the new dividend will come entirely from the common 21 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. The proceeds would be used to retire higher interest debt. In his growth stock-focused advisory, the Rhino Stock Report, he assesses the prospects for the medical equipment firm.

I do not think the markets will continue rising as they have since then, in a straight line to the upper right-hand corner of the page. There will be more bad news taking share prices down in the coming year. Fallen angels have risen less sharply than companies without damaged reputations, and pay out more.

But it is still a third cheaper than the for mer deal price target. In his The Ticker Tape Digest, he explains, "We consider the stock an excellent intermediate-term play because of its strong profit outlook. Blue Coat, based in Sunnyvale, Ca. It most recently came out with an expansion of its Webpulse cloud service for Arabic web content. It is now in the up trend part of its cycle. We see that as favorable for bulls at this time with the stock now trending higher.

It is holding in its base and poised to show massive earnings gains. We are targeting BCSI for a move to 36 after a breakout. A protective stop can be placed near 24 after a breakout. He explains, "BMC develops products that run corporate data centers, which house critical computer systems.

Over the next 12 months, results should benefit as clients resume spending on technology. In The Global Bull Market Alert, he explains, "Global markets recovered in the beginning of November; at that time, we looked to one of the hottest 26 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. The ETF remains our top pick for Brazil had recently won the right to host the Olympics in , raising its profile much like the Beijing Olympics did for China. Investors were pouring in.

After all, it went up almost 6-fold in dollar terms during its last bull run starting in For full disclosure, this is a position that I hold on behalf of my clients at Global Guru Capital. Even with the market for specialty chemicals chronically weak in , Chemtrade was able to generate cash flow to cover its distribution by a healthy margin.

Second half results already show improvement and that trend is set to continue into the new year. If it succeeds, investors will receive a windfall capital gain, since a big cut is already priced in. Compared to most investments, that sounds pretty glamorous to me.

As for its rail expansion, China plans on laying more track in the next five years than the rest of the world combined. In his Winner Forum and Special Situations Reports, he explains, "I consider this a conservative idea to play the China market through an established company that dominates its business sector. Of million TV households across China, million are cable subscribers with an additional 10 million added each year.

They have over customers, with roughly 30 of them providing over 1 million subscribers each. Recent revenues have been under pressure and earnings have been soft due to the postponement of digital migration projects as cable operators wait for greater clarity with respect to industry consolidation and subscription fee adjustments in certain regions.

Earnings for FY are expected to be. Expectations are low as earnings projections for FY are estimated to be flat at. The balance sheet is solid with zero debt. They maintain a strong market position for continuing growth. There are currently 58 million shares outstanding. The company could use cash on hand to acquire productive assets should attractive opportunities arise to compliment their product offerings or consolidate their industry sector.

John Reese explains, "China Mobile Ltd. The country's largest mobile phone network, it topped the millionsubscriber mark in the third quarter. I use an average of the three-, four-, and five-year EPS growth figures to determine a longterm rate. Lynch also liked conservatively financed firms, and China Mobile's tiny 2. With the added disclosue that he personally own shares in CHTL, along with his clients at ChangeWave Research, the advisor looks to the firm's potential role in a new joint venture in the China telecom space.

Nobody takes a stock deal in lieu of cash unless they know a lot about the near future of the PIPE transaction. This translates into 2 billion pounds of copper and 4. Continental coincidentally announced a similar plan.

Then I even read that this company had stated that it intended to acquire Continental. Founded in , Dataram manufactures computer memory, storage and software products. It looks well priced at these levels. This is a common first step for creating a better lifestyle. This will curtail the overall yield of their crops in There for e, we think there is a big opportunity for profits by investing in the soft commodities in Buy the double long leveraged exchange trade note DAG.

I see a similar opportunity in DAG. Double long funds move twice their underlying index. Soft commodities are a good bet in It sells snack packages under its Diamond, Emerald, and Pop Secret brand names. Its sales and earnings remain on a fast growth track. To benefit from this trend, the momentum stock strategist for Zacks. Stocks ended up logging a monumental rally that kicked off in March, most of the major domestic banks have freed themselves from TARP restrictions and the housing market has shown signs of stability.

This is the ideal consumer environment for an extreme discounter like Dollar Tree. The company has been committed to taking advantage of the value-driven consumer environment, opening 94 new stores this year and expanding or relocating another ERTS is one of the largest creators and sellers of multi-plat for m content in the industry and it finally offered some guidance for the year ahead.

EA came out and said that revenues should fall between 4. They move higher in anticipation of better earnings ahead. This should happen after the company reports numbers for the first and second quarter of next year.

Second, if this economy and market are really recovering, one of the prime beneficiaries will be a company like EA, which is solidly in the consumer discretionary space. It is flush with cash, very little debt and a dominant market position. The Fed has kept monetary policy extremely loose for a year now, and has said it has no intention of raising rates in the near term. After all, the earnings growth rate becomes pretty spectacular, which can make a very simple company look like a Google!

Chinese investors, when they buy gold, will naturally turn first to domestic output. Its current gold reserves, proved and probable, total 7. Contained costs — check. Decent balance sheet and profitability — check. The advisor, who has been publishing The Cheap Investor for nearly 3 decades, suggests, "The stock has the potential for significant appreciation in We are also looking for a stock that is selling at an attractive low price, and has the potential for significant growth and stock appreciation in Emerson Radio fits these criteria.

Together with its subsidiaries, it engages in designing, marketing, selling, and licensing various consumer appliance, electronic and house ware products. Emerson Radio Corp. We believe, that if Emerson continues its earnings growth, the price could skyrocket again. The editor of US Investment Report explains, "Big banks, market data providers, telecoms and other technology-driven clients use the firm's data center plat for ms to reduce their own capital expenditures and operating costs.

Now firmly in the black and established as a sector leader, its gains could be large over the next few years. After tax margins are reportedly at a fouryear high. EQIX is not cheap by conventional measures. But as we head into , few mid-caps have emerged with more fascinating near- and long-term growth possibilities. In his Next Inning newsletter, designed for sophisticated tech investors, he suggests, "I think the upside potential here in and beyond is significant.

EZCH has since expanded its focus to include products that are broadly grouped into what's called the 'Access' market. In addition to this, we'll also see the initial revenue 46 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. The first is what I think will prove to be a misunderstanding as to when its business at Juniper will peak and the sharpness of the decline following the peak. Due to the fact EZCH initiated a secondary offering to liquidate these VC shares in one fell swoop as well as complete the purchase of its affiliated EZchip Technologies operating unit, this selling pressure will soon be eliminated.

In my view, with this gone and EZCH poised to post impressive growth in He suggests, "Investors looking for a one-stop healthcare shop should pick this option. Manager, Eddie Yoon invests in the gamut of healthcare options: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment and systems, and HMOs.

Bear in mind that this is highly speculative, and not recommended for conservative investors. Of course, it played some accounting games to do it, but the overall direction is up. In the early 19 80 s, Ford executives opposed the call for import quotas on Japanese cars and took on their competitors by raising quality standards. The company is innovative. Unions are refusing to cut back any further their generous medical and pension benefits. If anyone can make an elephant dance, he can. As such, it may not be for everybody.

It looks like an excellent base for a new rally, and should see the breakout. On his The DRIP Investor, he explains, "There is a transition taking place in the stock market toward high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. General Mills plays into this trend very nicely. Also, the stock offers certain defensive characteristics should the market become more tumultuous.

I look for the stock to outper for m the overall market in And I would expect the 'defensive' qualities of the stock to fuel aboveaverage price resiliency should the overall market turn down. For in for mation on the direct-purchase plan call 80 0 Now, however, the editor of The Turnaround Letter suggests, "The potential of that network is finally beginning to be fulfilled. Global Crossing built the network, but as the telecom bubble burst around , nobody came. Once again the market showed enthusiasm for the story.

The new stock went as high as 36 shortly after it began trading. When it later dropped in price, several high-profile investors accumulated sizable positions. The stock hit a low of 5 earlier this year be for e beginning to recover. The company has also developed a successful marketing strategy focusing on mid-sized to large companies with far flung operations. However, it is now generating free cash flow for the first time in its history.

But it has no significant debt maturities for several years, and if current trends continue, it should have no trouble refinancing that debt. However, he believes these moves are temporary. In his The Professional Timing Service, he suggests, "It is time to focus on upcoming buying opportunities in precious metals.

I had been writing about the likelihood of a rally in the dollar for several weeks, and that signal was the key indicator I had been waiting for. The signal indicated the dollar was going to rally. I have been a gold bull and dollar bear since late , but the long term secular trend has been interrupted from time to time. We raised cash by taking profits in many of our gold positions, and we have parked that money in cash for the time being.

It is time to look for the next opportunity to put this cash back to work. Gold and the mining shares will come off as a consequence, but only in the short term. It is time to focus on upcoming buying opportunities in precious metals. They are also the lowest cost and fastest growing senior gold producer in North America.

I always give my readers simple specifics in this regard. A depreciating dollar is a sure-fire recipe for rising commodity prices. And when inflation is on the rampage, investors always like the reassurance of owning hard assets. The fund is invested in six commodity sub-sectors. Rounding out the portfolio are holdings linked to coal, steel, uranium and even for est products. The sale or lease of such systems to, or contribution of such systems under, revenue-sharing arrangements with its customers and the conversion of twodimensional 2-D and three-dimensional 3-D Hollywood feature films for exhibition on such systems around the world.

Its customers that purchase, lease or otherwise acquire their theater systems are theater exhibitors that operate commercial theaters, museums, science centers or destination entertainment sites. Critics are saying that it could be the nextThe Lord of the Rings, only it uses a new kind of 3-D technology that is expected to revolutionize the movie industry, much as did sound and color did in the last century. This positive data should allow the drug candidate to be filed for FDA approval in the first half of In the past few years, there have been numerous premium buy-outs of companies that also have monoclonal antibody plat for ms.

Additionally, the market for T-DM1 appears larger than expected and the most recent data represents a major trans for mative and de-risking event for IMGN. These companies are global leaders in their respective industries and should benefit from renewed worldwide economic growth. At least it did so in the last public rush into gold which peaked about 30 years ago.

For more than 20 years, from 19 80 to about , investors all over the globe were conditioned by a weak silver price and not much joy of ownership. Even now that attitude prevails among the same investing establishment that has grudgingly accepted gold as an investment class. Because of that, annual production of silver has not kept pace with increasing industry and investment demand.

As such, we believe that silver has some serious catching up to do. That is called the gold:silver ratio. During the bull market for precious metals thirty years ago the ratio fell to about or 16 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold. That suggests achievable upside for silver and SLV of nearly 4X from today. Governments have inflated their fiat currencies since then by a factor of Think about it. We think could very well be the year that a global popular rush, a veritable tsunami of liquidity into silver gets underway in earnest as more and more people discover just how little of it remains above ground for investment.

Our favorite way to participate is SLV. The value stock strategist for Zacks. Even the great recession of and did little to slow down investor interest as the Chinese government injected massive stimulus into its economy which has propelled growth.

But I believe investors should look at each company individually, whether it is in China or not. One of those companies is Jinpan International, one of only two UL certified cast resin trans for mer manufacturers in the world. It is also not a newbie on the Chinese stage. Jinpan has been in business since That doesn't sound too glamorous, but the trans for mers are used in large infrastructure projects like factories and real estate developments as well as in municipal transportation projects like airports and subway systems.

International sales have been growing. The company's recently opened Shanghai manufacturing facility now handles the growing wind energy products business. It has a low PEG ratio of just 0. The company also shows its support to shareholders by paying a dividend, unusual for a Chinese-based company, which is yielding about 0. In my opinion, smaller gold exploration and development companies will offer valuable leverage to gold, and one of the best is Keegan Resources.

Although the share price has there for e come back fairly hard during the subsequent correction, the closing of a recent financing essentially opened a door to potential take-out offers for the company. In light of this, and considering the dip in its share price, Keegan is one of my top gold stock recommendations.

The editor of The Daily Paycheck explains, "I always look for the gift that keeps on giving; that's how I view this master limited partnership, which produces a steady stream of income each and "Kinder Morgan Energy Partners is one of the largest owners and operators of energyproduct pipelines and storage facilities in the United States.

MLPs are an important asset class for income investors because they are legally required to distribute most of their taxable income and cash flow to shareholders known as 'unitholders'. These pipes carry CO2 to old oil fields where it is injected into the fields to increase productivity.

These enhanced recovery techniques become more popular as oil prices rise. This past November , the Rockies Express Pipeline became fully operational. The partnership earns fees based on the amount -- not the price -- of gas, oil or refined products it processes and transports. These regulated rates are set to allow Kinder Morgan a steady, reliable return on invested capital. KMP appears to be on track to not only deliver, but also continue to grow, its distributions.

It should be noted that MLPs are best held in taxable accounts as most of their distributions are classified as 'return of capital'. Here's the latest from his VRTrader. It principally focuses on the development of its phosphate deposits located in the Mt. Isa district, along the margin of the Georgina Basin of Queensland, Australia.

Its exploration licenses cover 40, acres in Queensland and 4. Legend International Holdings was founded in and is based in Melbourne, Australia. The editor of Cabot Stock of the Month Report explains, "Financial services industries are booming in China, and Longtop is a great way to benefit. And its biggest bank customers no surprise are the 'Big Four' banks of China. And none are expected to. Yes, business has slowed a little, but the future is still expected to bring great growth.

And as the banks grow, Longtop will, too. Recent announcements include projects on anti-money laundering, e-banking, financial testing solutions, financial risk management and data warehousing. And if it does I recommend that you treat the pullback as a buying opportunity. In his Nate's Notes newsleter, he explains, "I would emphasize that while the stock must be considered speculative until the FDA delivers a ruling in mid-January of next year, I believe the clinical data that has been submitted by the company is likely to warrant approval.

In his No-Load Fund Investor, he looks to this fund, which he notes 70 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. Managers Jesper Madsen and Andrew Foster seek to fill this fund with dividend-paying stocks of companies. Though dividends did not protect investors in American stocks from the carnage in , they appear to have reduced losses for investors in Asian equities.

So far in through Dec. In other words, they seek exposure to publicly traded companies in sufficient quantities to represent a picture of Asian economies as they are likely to develop over time, not as some index developer imagined them to be several years ago. This is nearly twice the peer group average for MED. This trend is well above my system's trend-line and well above MED's day moving average.

This is indicative of a strong technical trend that shows no signs of abatement. This is an indication that more money is likely moving in than moving out, helping to put upward pressure on MED. In his CrossCurrents newsletter, he notes, "The company is 72 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. Growth has been excellent. Revenues increased In the same span, net income rose To compensate for the lack of cash coming in, virtually every company went into cost-cutting mode.

These deep cutbacks have helped many firms remain above water, but they are only a temporary solution. We've reached a point where businesses in every industry will soon be for ced to aggressively reach out to new customers, or risk falling behind the competition. Because theatre advertising is far more effective than other mediums, National CineMedia commands premium rates and is attracting new clients. Theatre ad rates run 1. And with media spending shifting towards digital plat for ms, National 75 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors.

In his Dave Dyer's Newsletter, he explains "The company has developed a vaccine against nicotine. And, the existing competitors are ineffective. It is harder to relapse because the addictive power is blocked for a year.

They would take it once a year like flu shot. Also, since smoking causes so much medical expense, I can easily 76 Top Stocks : compiled by thestockadvisors. In his Hidden Values Alert, the advisor offers his bullish assessment for the company, a Cayman Islands-based company involved in offshore drilling contracting for the oil and gas industry. Its fleet consists of 13 semisubmersibles, four dynamically positioned drillships, 43 jackups and three submersibles.

The fleet count includes five units under construction. The editor of Invest with an Edge suggests, "One stock that should pull out of congestion when energy moves again in is Oceaneering International NYSE: OII , a company involved in deepwater drilling "The Texas-based oil and gas services company gets most of its revenue by providing goods and services to companies that are drilling for oil and gas offshore.

One of their specialties is deepwater remotely-operated vehicles ROVs , or 'robots' in layman's terms. They help oil and gas explorers drill in deep water locations hundreds of miles offshore. Its services are expensive, but producers like Chevron and ExxonMobil have little choice if they want to replace their reserves. For an indirect play on rebounding crude prices, go with oil services per for mer Oceaneering International.

No fancy facades and no fancy executive suites and board rooms. In fact, there isn't even a garage for the executive limos - as there aren't any limos - just company trucks. It structured its shares as a combination of half common stock and half corporate bond. The contributing analyst with Personal Finance explains, "Demand for coal, particularly from the Pacific Rim, China and India, is rebounding as the global economy recovers.

But despite a difficult economic environment, Peabody expanded US margins and shipped record volumes of coal in the third quarter. And India will rely heavily on coal imports over the next five to six years to feed its rising domestic consumption of electricity.

This combination of trends has led management to adjust product projects 15 million tons below levels. That's a misconception. It does business in more than countries worldwide, including key emerging market economies like China and India.

And the company's fundamentals point to even stronger momentum in However, its games have been licensed to leading game operators in a number of countries and regions in Asia, Europe and South America. Since , Perfect World has consistently topped earnings expectations. It is also worth noting that Perfect World sports a solid balance sheet, showing no debt. Management explained that this game breaks new ground in terms of overall planning, programming and graphical designs.

The contributing editor to Next Inning, a tech-savvy newsletter, suggests, "While it was rough sailing for PMCS after this crash, the company recast its business and operating models and is now successfully focusing on highgrowth markets where it could leverage its core differentiation. This tells us that during the last year PMCS has taken steps to notably improve the leverage provided by its operating model.

Zero on the short end. Yet the dollar will soar in Two reasons: "First, all of the problems mentioned above are already well recognized and priced into the greenback. Second, dollar psychology is overwhelmingly bearish. You have to look at them abroad, too. S economy, by comparison, grew at 3. The continent is likely to be the weakest region for global expansion next year, according to Julian Callow, chief European economist at Barclays Capital in London.

British GDP contracted at an annualized 1. It has its own problems. Rising social security costs and the weak economy are the primary culprits. But with government debt soaring to records, talk of new stimulus measures is already pushing up long-term rates and threatening to curtail the impact of fresh spending.

Most are bogged down economically and running fiscal deficits as bad as ours. My bet is in so will most world currency investors. But if you have too much exposure to for eign-currency denominated bonds, CDs or bank accounts, rein it in. According to Bloomberg, if investors are dumb when it comes to buying gold, governments tend to be dumber.

We are facing systemic risks from which diversification will not offer much downside protection. The prospects for smaller companies are also more tightly linked to the health of U. In his The Technology Stock Advisor, he explains, "The stock meets our proprietary criteria for both its technical innovation as well as our value approach to stock selection.

We developed a theory of technological innovation using Leontief's theory about input output economics that helps us predict technological investment opportunities. Using SmartHeat PHE systems can slash coal usage by up to two-thirds in wildly inefficient Chinese buildings, oil refineries and chemical factories, where legacy shell and tube technology dominates. Both should nearly double again in That will change quickly.

In his All Star Investor, he suggests, "This is the easiest way to gain access to the small cap stocks of all the emerging markets, as it includes stocks from more than 20 countries countries. The people of the emerging market nations are becoming more prosperous and are becoming significant consumers themselves.

The large cap and export oriented companies will still do well, but the real opportunity is in the small cap segment of emerging markets. Here's the latest from his The Silk Road "Standard Charter is an international bank focused on consumer and corporate banking and treasury activities. The firm maintains a strong balance sheet and a healthy liquidity position.

In his The MoneyLetter, which has been published for over 30 years, he explains, "What attracts us to the fund is the weight it gives to both China and India. In addition the entire range of emerging market stocks are now among the favored by surveyed managers for Having duly warned you we are nevertheless sticking with our recommendation. We like that mix. We see most Asian funds as underweighting India.

We would be wary of a pure India fund and right now we are not keen on a pure China fund. It is the blend that we like. The emerging markets are being valued at about the same level as are developed markets. We do not believe the discount makes much sense any more. So far the fund has not lost a beat. Rowe Price brings to Asian investment.

Here's his review of last year's pick as well as his new favorite for the coming year.

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Since you are investing in a TV for your kid, it's good if you invested in a quality LED TV because your kid can watch shows in quality visuals and clarity. Now. What are daily habits that have led to success for established real estate investors? What are some of the big mistakes other investors have made and how. own research and only buy stocks that meet you personal investing criteria, risk Proshares UltraShort Russell (TWM): Ken Kam's top ETF.