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The first from the conveyor was made by cars in the standard "Standard", in September, the Granta car assembly was started in the configuration "Norma". Lada Granta is produced in Izhevsk at the full cycle: welding technology, painting and assembly. The welding complex is able to produce a body of two types: sedan and hatchback.

Welding of chassis and body is carried out using 28 robots in the automatic line. The quality assurance system at the production of Lada Granta in Izhevsk was developed in accordance with the requirements of international standards for the quality of ISO and AvtoVAZ quality policies, which takes into account the quality methods of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

On September 17, , the last car of the classical Lada family was gone from the conveyor of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. The story of "Classics" in Russia ended. For 11 years lada production in Izhevsk started in the volume of Izhevsk "Classics" exceeded thousand cars and 40 thousand disassembled series for exports to the CIS countries.

The plans for - the production of 60 thousand cars Lada Granta in the standard "Standard" and "Norma", as well as work on modernization and improving production efficiency. The project development project provides for the phased development of Renault and Nissan models - the potential total production volume in the Izhevsk platform exceeds thousand cars per year.

All IL models are in demand due to their low cost and high maintainability. The history of the car brand Izh begins in April , when the plant "Izhmash" decided to make cars. The official date of birth of the auto plant is considered to be October 21, , when work was started on the preparation of production.

The first car "Moskvich" with the emblem "Izh" on the radiator came off from the conveyor of the auto plant on December 12, By the end of the year, cars were collected that for the period of the formation of Izhevsk "Muscovites" was an undoubted achievement. In total, more than 4, Moskvich cars were manufactured in Izhevsk Automobile Plant. The successor of the th model was the more perfect IL, released in December The car has retained all the advantages of its predecessor: durability, strength, ease of maintenance.

Successful design and reliable components made it possible to create successful racing options for this car, which repeatedly won on Soviet and foreign competitions. And improved specifications in combination with more roomingly salon made a car by a real hit in the company's model range.

The release of this model continued until The model model has become the basis for the whole of the cars of cars developed by the designers of Izhevsk Automobile Plan. First of all, it is worth mentioning the first light shipping van and the first Soviet five-door hatchback "Combi". In , the first domestic referee was developed on Izhevsk all-wheel drive car IL-5 with original self-locking differential.

Few is known that this particular car became the prototype of the VAZ "Niva". Also in Izhevsky KB, the front-wheel drive cars IZH and 19 were developed, which did not go into the series for the same reason - the impossibility of unification with basic models Plant.

So, "Izhavto" focused on the release of rear-wheel drive cars. Since , the cars of Izhevsk Automobile Plant received a new appearance and some internal changes - recessed door handles, new puffers, radiator grille, disk front brakes, two-circuit brake system. In , government tests took place new model , and in , the production of the car "Orbit" was put on the conveyor. The model has a five-door body of type "hatchback", traditional rear drive And equipped with a VAZ engine. Since the "Orbit" tradingmark was already registered abroad, it was decided to change the name not only the export version, but also a model intended for the domestic market.

Now cars models are called "ODA". The modern steering design model makes it easy to drive a car even with its full load, without losing control over the road. Folding the seat completely, you will get very voluminous luggage compartment. This is especially important when traveling to the cottage, hunting, fishing. On the pages of our site, topical ads for the sale of this model with photos and contact details of sellers are presented. A long break in the development of new models in Izhevsk Automobile Plant was caused by the economic crisis of the 90s.

Stagnation and decline in production was observed until , when there was a change of leadership and legal status, after which the production volumes rose. One of the first steps towards the revival was the release on the squares of the author's facilities beloved by many "six", and two years later, the production of "Wagon" VAZ was translated into Izhevsk.

The total amount of VAZ models collected in Izhevsk today is more than thousand. After signing the contract with the Korean company Kia Motors Corp. On July 22, , the production of the Sorento model started by analogy. In March , production at the enterprise was stopped, and in August of the same year the company began a bankruptcy procedure. In the summer of , for several months, the production of limited batches of Spectra and Sorento models was resumed to fulfill obligations to Kia Motors.

After upgrading, it is planned to collect on the factory capacity Lada Granta. If you are a fan of the brand, then registering in the car club, you will be able to take part in interesting discussions, as well as share your reviews about the models of the manufacturer. In Kaluga, the production of prestigious Audi sedans has been established, in Kaliningrad - their main bMW competitors.

On the other end of our country, in Vladivostok, collect japanese Mazda. And this is only a small part of the extensive list. What gives a simple motorist the fact that the "foreign car" purchased to them was made in Russia? First, such models are sold in much more attractive prices - after all, the manufacturer does not have to pay very serious import duties. Secondly, the fact that the car was produced in our country guarantees a high level of service and uninterrupted supply of spare parts.

In the car dealership official dealer "Mas Motors" is represented by most foreign cars produced in Russia - from the prestigious German sedana Audi. A6 to budget models chinese brand Brilliance. In our salon, you can see all these cars with your own eyes, at the same time in one place, compare them and make sure that cars that are collected in Russia are not inferior to their foreign fellows, converging from conveyors of factories located on historical Motherland brand.

There are many automotive enterprises in various cities of Russia, many of which are known far beyond. In the list of the most powerful production complexes operating in the construction of machines, one of the first places is "Izhavto" - the factory in Izhevsk, located on the street Avtozavodskaya.

This enterprise is relatively young - it began its work in However, during its existence, Izhevsk automotive plant managed to establish itself as a powerful platform for the production of machines, which is one of the main in Russia. The Izhevsk Automobile Plant has a specialized workshop, whose work in the aggregate ensures the full cycle of the car's creation - from stamping and casting parts before staining, assembling and equipping.

Izhevsk Automobile Plant, the official website of which can be easily found on the Internet, constantly updates the product line. This is ensured by the presence of high-tech import equipment, allowing the most automated the process of stamping parts and assembling a car. Automotive enterprise Izhevsk, whose vacancies you can find on the phone, has a stamping workshop for 37 lines with a total capacity of , autocomplets annually.

Plant's welding workshops are equipped with modern automated robots of Japanese and German production. Izhevsky automotive complex on the site of which you can find full information He also has a workshop equipped with twelve painting robots of Germany. The equipment used allows you to cast a car at the same time in 20 colors.

In , a large-scale work began at the Izhavto plant to increase the efficiency of the production process, the basis of which the Japanese philosophy "Kaizen" was based - the permanent obtaining the maximum effective result with minimal costs. Izhevsky Automobile Plant: Products For all the time of the plant's activities, its model range changed regularly. From the conveyor of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant at different times the following machines were found:.

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