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Turbo forex personal account

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All projects that have the status "not paying" are assigned an index 0. At this stage, this indicator is at the beta testing stage, if you find an error or it seems to you that the indicator does not correspond to reality, please write to admin h-metrics. Tracking Perfect Money Accounts. Project administrators often use the same Perfect Money account for their projects, changing only the number of the wallet itself.

Our system allows you to track such projects. At this stage, the system is in beta testing, if you find a bug, please write to admin h-metrics. The confidence indicator reflects how well a particular monitoring service is currently working. It is calculated based on a variety of indicators, the main of which are: - Activity and reaction, that is, how quickly the service responds to changes in the status of a particular investment project.

Recent events. This list was developed for the purpose of a quick and more convenient analysis of recent events. The list of events includes not only changes in the status of the project, but also negative reviews, a change of design, as well as important comments from the administration of h-metrics. Events Map. The main task of the event map is a quick and convenient analysis of events over the past 7 days. All events are grouped by projects and days, and then the list is sorted by the relevance of the last project event.

Status color scheme. Mark "Admin joined". This mark is assigned to the project if its administrator has registered on our website and confirmed the ownership of the domain. In such projects, the administration will receive notifications about user reviews directly in the personal account of our site, and will also receive a special mark so that users can understand that this is an official response from the administration.

Start: Apr 15, Scam date: Apr 24, Not paying. About the project. GoldCoders No license. Private Layer. COM, NS2. Domain Information. Similar in design Similar in text Reviews 0. There is no data on the status of this project. Informer x All projects. History of deposits. Log in.

How H-metrics works Risk information Usage Policy. Project status calculated on the basis of statuses received from monitoring and blogs, taking into account the trust indicator. The mark indicates the presence of a comment from the administration of h-metrics. Important comments are marked with red and orange shades. The mark is "important". This is how projects that are active or have received the status of not paying for the last 72 hours are marked, projects that have or have had a high rating, which have had important events for the current period of time.

The mark is "new". This is how projects that have been added to our database within the last 72 hours are marked. Not tracked or Not monitored. Switches mean a change of status on a particular resource. Share Share this page! Turbo Forex Broker Profile. Live Account Demo Account. General Information. Broker Name. Turbo Forex. Broker type. International offices.

Broker status. Accepting US clients? Account Options. Account Currency. Swap free accounts. Segregated accounts. Interest on margin. Managed accounts. Customer service. Trading Platforms. Trading platform s timezone. Demo Accounts. Mobile trading. Web based trading. OCO orders. Trading over the phone. Hedging allowed.

Trailing stops. One click trading. Other trading instruments. Maximal leverage 1:? Minimum lot size. Maximum lot size.

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