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Individual entrepreneur forex

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No one fails until he gives up on himself. Dear all my friend, Without creativity, and innovation for improvement we cant have a better chance to manage the change that is inevitable. Timing is everything. Do what you love now What a journey! Were truly amazed.

We read so many good thoughts including yours. We hope you are doing great. As a upcoming entrepreneur its our duty to ensure our true motive to be a success. So please make the following points as a part of your life: 1. Greed of Success 3. Motivation 4. Serve the best to humanity 5. Equality between Nations These bulletins can help us to ensure a safe and successful environment.

You have a talented mind and a good idea is already is your hand. Winning or losing dosen't matter if it comes to a bright future. We also are doing our best for the same purpose. All we want is your suggestion, So please visit our page and have a look on our idea too. Hail Entrepreneurship! Deep Regards. Thank you for your response to me. Business is about your existence. It is what you like and with that you are useful.

The business is not how rich you are, but more about how happiness you will be. Money is just the impact of what you do, your function is your goal. If you dont mind, lets we help each other with positive comment and sharing together. Approximately 36 hours to the end of this competition. Happy to meet you through this competition!!! The efforts you have taken to bring up this idea is stupendous and inspiring many budding entrepreneurs like me.

We shall be proud of ourselves as we are not selfish to think only about money earning, instead we integrate the talent with a Sustainable development goals and that is really commendable and a rarity in this generation. We as a whole set an example to various other budding entrepreneurs and make them feel that "Think Good Be Good Live Good".

As i say in all my presentations "We should preserve nature for it to preserve us" and we are contributing to that saying someway or other, like in the form saving nature, changing people lives, changing the way we think and fostering humanity in each and every person. So my dear friend, i hope this relationship with you will last long post this competition too as i believe the concept of group play, so we help eachother in putting forward the ideas to a better use. As a starting step of group play i have provided some motivational comments to u and i would be more than happy if you could find time and reciprocate some motivational comments too, as we both are sailing the same boat we know the pains we go through Dear my friend, Sustainable development have the main objective to create a balance in the three main components in development, namely society, economy profit and the environment.

And if you don't mind I want to share you about that in my idea, where I want to improve the character to be better through photos, share knowledge about the art of photography,workshop, and competition society , creating a sustainable business by paying attention to the environment, such as buying and selling photos, selling photographic equipment, selling frames that are eco-friendly, creating jobs for frame makers economy and environment.

These are the three words that came to my mind when I read your proposal. Thanks in anticipation! Good luck!! Dear Amani, 1. Thank you for the comments, answers and sharing you gave to me before. I really appreciate your ideas and projects, and please positive thinking to me.

I really want to help you to improve your ideas and build engage in a constructive dialog with you before the competition ends. Sustainable development have the main objective to create a balance in the three main components in development, namely society, economy profit and the environment. Will you share with me that through your idea or project the balance can be achieved? What a proposal! I am truly amazed. So many good thoughts including yours.

The lovely thing about this platform is that, every idea seems unique and innovative in it's sense. Yours is just that type again. Brave concept! Together we stand. Inspiration and motivation is what i always get after seeing the ideas from people like you, my friend. Keep working. I can support you after the competition too, but only few days are left. We need to support each other for the competition. I liked, voted and commented. Do support my idea too. Hello my fellow traveler, How are you feeling as our road ends temporarily?

I would like to be in touch with you,. Greetings of the day!! This is team M3N The world is changing by new innovative ideas and yours is definitely one of them. I just saw the sustainability of your presentation and it is really worth. Indeed, you have the qualities of an entrepreneur. We are also working hard and walking on same footprint. So, please also have a look on our idea and support us.

Business requires a passion. Without passion, business is inanimate object. Business is not seen how much profit you gets in the future, but how strongly you can survives in the business. Business is about learning, not planted and abandoned, and hopes to grow big just like that. Businesses require special treatment by maintaining commitment and consistency, and seeing it grow big slowly. We as competitors have reached the fag end of the competition and i'm eager to know how have you prepared to to better your idea and how you are planning the extension of your project after getting a base through this competition And i hope you can foray yourself into various other competitions as this project has all the potential to overcome the sustainable development issues across the world I would be more than happy if you could find time and help me out by giving you valuable comments and votes on my project in the below mentioned link This is team M3N, We read your idea, we can definitely see an entrepreneur building in you.

We liked, voted and commented your idea. We community members should support each other atleast now, cuz Just three days are left. Kindly support my idea at:. We liked your way of accomplishing the sustainability goals with your idea. We would like to ask you some questions: 1. What will be your next steps after this competition? Do you know some investors or stakeholders who can help taking this idea forward?

Was it your first try in this competition? Have you previously participated in any competition with the same idea? You can have a look at my idea too and give your valuable suggestions on it. We are coming towards the end of the competition. So what do you think future holds for you,my friend? How do you plan to take the next step of implementation? Do you have profit-making or social welfare in mind? Will you be a company registered by shares or by guarantee? I support your business decision making and intuition skills.

Mine business idea relates to 3rd SDG goal of Health and well being. I do applaud your way of social entrepreneurship my dear friend. Good luck and keep up the good work. Thanks The major brunt of the monopoly of big pharma companies is felt by the poor and middle income population. In scarcity of sufficient funds,they are unable to get best quality medication and eventually have to cash-in their life savings.

This not only puts them but their whole family on the line of poverty. Help me raise awareness about generic medicine all over the world-you can support me by voting, commenting and sharing with your friends and families by clicking on the link-. Hello my friend,, Thank you for participating with this innovative project in this wonderful competition. I would be happy if you saw my idea cardio vision and gave me your feedback and suggestions for its development..

Together we can make life better. Friend, Your idea is inspiring and sustainable in its formation! However, we need to partnership in order to go further in the implementation of our ideas! Your can also support mine by voting, commenting and sharing with your networks. In connection with my previous questions about your idea or project, one way to achieve our goals and objectives continuously is to collaborate. There is a saying that to achieve our goals quickly is to do it yourself, but if you want to do it for a long-term purpose, working together is one of the most important things.

My next question are: a. Does your idea or project do the same thing? With whom do you cooperate? What is the form of cooperation you offer with them? Heyaa, How's You doing? I should say I am quite impressed with this idea and i commented before also that it's good. It will ease social integration at a faster pace that will soon have a spill over effect in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

Well thought! We can help each other in the competition and after the compettiton too. Hola My Friend, Good Going? This project is wonderful. I would like to ask how did you get this idea? What are your plans for next 5 years?

Would you like to cooperate and help me too? Thank you for your response for my question, give comments, support and voting for my idea in "Eco-Creativephoto Studio". I really appreciate you and want to help you to develop your ideas or projects in this competition. I really hope that our collaboration does not stop until this competition, but after this competition we can continue together and develop these ideas and projects in our community and globally. To achieve sustainable development, in developing your entrepreneurial ideas or projects for the future, certainly requires a strategy so that your vision or goals can be achieved.

Hey i hope you are doing well.. Regards The M3N. Im highly imopressed by your idea. You did a great job. Keep it up and do not forget that our world needs you. I have no reason to stop from voting for your idea. It is a green light to go forward. The impacts that you are approaching are clearly visible in my feeling.

Have a look at my idea too. Hello, Only 1 week left for the results and the top What is your plan to develop your project in the future? What will be your first actions if your project is been selected? If you want lets discuss and please have a look of my project and feel free to comment or advise accordingly.

I would be more than happy to see a comment and or a vote from you. An amazing project that helps to provide additional income for young people and helps young people learn the basics of investment.. What is your plan to develop your project in the future?.. Good luck. I hope my previous comment helped you.. I wish it gets implemented soon. To support it I voted for you today. I also hope that you will support my idea too. Good Luck to you. I have no reason to stop from voting for you.

It's gonna have huge impact on the people. We as community members need to partnership to go further in implementation of sustainable development ideas!! Your can support me by voting, commenting and sharing with your friends and families by clicking on the link-. Previously thank you for your response and explanation for my previous question. I really appreciate your thoughts. If you dont mind, I want to ask what is the difference between your ideas and projects from others?

I want to share my idea about "Eco-Cretivephoto Studio" called ec-studio. My business idea is through a hobby that I have done in one creative entrepreneurship like art photography. Through Eco-Creativephoto Studio, I want to educate people to change their characters for the better through photos. Through photos, there are people who can say something, communicate and speak and the most important thing to get good photos is the skills needed, patience and focus.

My idea is collaboration between the concept of art photography, business, the concept of sustainable ethics and educational skills and development towards sustainability. This is what differentiates my ideas from others. Hello, You have a great idea which is inspiring and sustainable. Being in the same community members, we need partnership to go further in implementation of sustainable development ideas!! It is really a nice idea and has all the potentials to reach a greater audience.

Your project is so universal and i hope this sets an example and same will be followed across many other countries so that everyone gets benefited out of it. Here we all being more concerned about sustainable development yours is a right kind of project that would fulfill that and i would be happy to see that in existence as early as possible in our country too.

Hi, Your idea is inspiring and sustainable. Hello my friend, I went through your idea and Im highly impressed. Community needs people like you. Your innovation is the need of the hour. I would like to meet you once.

We can help each other by supporting through voting and commenting. Look at this very promising idea!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as I can Understand, it is not only a great idea but the best project. You did a wonderful job. Keep it up. I went go through the details of your idea and was indeed very impressed. Would you be kind enough to explain to me as how you got this idea?

Importantly, who were the people inspiring you to gone up with this idea? If this relevant to your country, please share it to me and I will be happy to provide you with more detail to you. Your project is amazing.

It fulfills important sustainable goals and would be very beneficial to people. Your opinion and feedback will be helpful in developing the idea further. Hi colleague I hope you're doing well. Your Idea is amazing and I'll be so proud to have the opportunity to meet each other.

However, what is the key factor of your innovation? Is it your team, your business model, your process or your realistic milstones? Is your innovation a strong scalable entreprise? What could be your turnover in the next 3 years and what could be your gross margin?

Is your innovation need a patent? HI AMANI I like your project it's a creative ,pioneer idea you may will help a lot of youth, I just voted for your idea I like it and this is the comment to support you , keep your great work and never give up I wish you success and good luck too Hi ,I have a set of questions to collect feedback to know how the entrepreneurs thinks about the requirements of his idea and to have a clear Business Model Canvas ,and after that please see my idea and write your opinion and your question or feedback to improve my idea.

Offered in several settings and formats, it equips both household gardeners and larger-scale farmers with technical skills, management principles and biblical keys to understand the potential of our God-given resources, and we trained about seed planting, weeding, irrigation, pest control, and tool usage Poultry Training Community Service Learning Projects training Learners progress from basic sewing skills, through to product design. Each week includes a foundational business skill and Christian-based life skill, contributing to the holistic growth of each student.

The process equips them with skills to start their own small business or pursue their career goals in clothing design. Our instructor serves as a trainer, encourager and mentor throughout the learners time at Seed of Hope. It focuses on helping trainees develop themselves, their faith in God, their responsibility for their community and in preparation for their futures.

Our staff deliver dynamic, interactive lessons that capture attention. Students respond enthusiastically to lessons led by a guest presenter, and teachers can follow-up on issues raised. We partner closely with parents and teachers in the lives of our students best regard Mujahed Mukhtar [email protected]. Is a good idea to benefit from the telecommunications sector and create a profitable financial company that will reduce the unemployment rate in the country and reduce the size of poverty in Tanzanian society.

I suggest you also take advantage of the internet sector. I too have posted a project idea within this youth competition. The project title is "Pre-warning system for heart disease detection using Android application" and it is helpful for patients and doctors it will come with new idea in medical field with technology. Are you aware that each of us here within the youth competition can be become members of each other's teams?

It is not hard to do and it is a good thing to do so that you and I can each share with each other and show the community that we are working together in support of each other - since there are so many things we share in common as far as what we want our projects to do for our peoples. I would be happy to become a team member with you in support of your project, if you would like to do the same with me.

Thus, Morgan Stanley will typically face its clients as principal when executing trades resulting from FX Transaction Requests and does not generally act as an agent, broker or fiduciary with respect to market making activity. We employ reasonably designed means to minimize market impact and stand ready to discuss market pricing and execution levels with you at your request.

Morgan Stanley may enter into transactions in the relevant or related instruments through internal sources of liquidity or in the market at different times and prices in order to execute your FX Transaction Request and offset the risk incurred, and ultimately provide you with an overall fill that takes into account these transactions. We may choose to leave our principal position unhedged or partially hedged, and may adjust any hedge from time to time in our sole discretion.

In order to unwind a hedge, we may need to unwind our principal position by trading in the relevant or related instruments. Regardless of whether or how we choose to hedge, any profit or loss resulting from any hedging activity will accrue solely to Morgan Stanley. When negotiating any particular FX Transaction Requests with us, you may ask that we not trade as a principal ahead of, or alongside, your transaction, or that we execute in a certain manner, such as through the use of algorithms.

Please note that such a request may limit the execution services we are able to offer you in any particular case. Morgan Stanley utilizes a number of internally developed tools designed to access both external and internal sources of liquidity in order for Morgan Stanley, as principal, to provide what we deem to be the most favorable bids and offers, and executions, reasonably available under the circumstances.

Morgan Stanley may benefit from reduced transaction costs when executing through certain internal or external trading venues and, if we have an investment in, or other relationship with, an external venue, the Firm may receive other benefits as a result of that interest. In addition, all or a portion of your transaction may be filled by internal sources of liquidity rather than external trading venues.

Either way, unless we agree otherwise, Morgan Stanley will trade in a principal capacity, and your execution levels may be inclusive of what we deem to be a reasonable spread above the price at which Morgan Stanley may transact, or has transacted, with other clients or trading counterparties, in addition to any disclosed fees that may be charged to access particular sources of liquidity.

The price at which you trade with Wealth Management will depend on a number of factors, including those set out below. This list is not exhaustive and Wealth Management may take into account other factors that it considers appropriate in determining that price. In addition, to the extent we execute a trade with you through internal sources of liquidity, and that liquidity is sourced from another client, we may also receive additional compensation on, and fees for, the trade we execute with that other client which will be included in the spread charged to that client.

The type of product, transaction and market in which the product would be traded, such as:. Internal costs to Morgan Stanley, such as counterparty credit risk, hedging and market. FX Transaction Requests may be submitted by your FA electronically or by voice or other traditional communication channels, and there is no guarantee that any FX Transaction Request will be filled, in whole or in part.

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These latencies and our risk management practices may impact whether we execute transactions relating to all or a portion of your FX Transaction Requests and the price at which transactions are executed. For example, we may determine whether there have been any intervening price moves, market disruptions or other unusual market conditions.

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I use InstaForex card and withdraw money and I cannot complain. I wish InstaForex Company a flourishing business and big growth. Thanks to this I had the opportunity to compare and appreciate the work of my present broker. First of all InstaForex really provides the wide range of trading instruments and services.

The company gives the opportunity to its traders to trade with futures and options and this is a real advantage. That is why this is InstaForex that I recommend to my friends! I have got a very pleasant impression from the company. All these services together with many others from InstaForex save time and allow organizing the work with maximal comfort and effectiveness.

That is of high importance for trading. And certainly, I should mention the technical support of the company's employees. A couple of times there were some issues, I called, and very polite and competent ladies answered me helping to handle all challenges fast. It's great when you can rely on help at any time. For six months of working with InstaForex I can say that this broker has never failed me. First of all I would like to mention especially such competitive advantage of the company as bonus programs.

I do not know other brokers that provide such big bonuses. InstaForex is particularly known for its reliable staff: employees are always ready to explain clearly and patiently all the details of each service and give a good advice. I like that I can see my statistics concerning the work I have done. In my opinion, it is no wonder that InstaForex takes the leading positions by a range of its current characteristics. None of brokers offers such generous bonuses and contests.

I regularly take part in the company's contests - this is a great opportunity to practice, try new strategies and instruments without risks and with a possibility to get a good sum of money to your account in case of winning. I advise to take part in rebate projects by InstaForex allowing to return the part of spread.

I have been trading with InstaForex for 3 years already because it is beneficial and reliable. My work with InstaForex began in I appreciate that InstaForex keeps up-to-date to provide its traders with the best services such as mobile apps and transferring money between trading accounts. The company has very good products and offers for web-designers. InstaForex is indeed the only company providing quotes API, news, statistics on opened trades, and other services for free.

This is a very great advantage. They always provide friendly assistance on any problem you have. The company gives a bunch of opportunities for your professional growth as a trader, the rest depends only on you. In the meantime, InstaForex showed itself to good advantage. For example, I really like nice bonuses on trading accounts that the company makes available to its clients.

Besides, I approve interesting contests. I work more than a year with InstaForex international broker and still everything suits me well. There are no problems with quotations, account funding, funds withdrawal as it was with another broker company. Aside from this, you can get bonuses for account replenishment. You can fund your account by all possible ways: through bank, through Internet, by means of credit card, cash. It is very comfortable, as you never know where you will be on business and when it will be necessary to deposit account.

In general, everything is really made for the traders' benefit, for their comfortable and successful activity. So I'm very satisfied with this broker! I have been working with InstaForex since This year I took an educational course. I'd like to note that the company's managers regard educational courses seriously and attentively; they try to explain every aspect and organize individual lessons.

The company arranges regularly a lot of contests, there are benefits and bonuses. I like to be with InstaForex Kazakhstan. I have been dealing with InstaForex for 2 years already so I can see how the company developes. New services emerge permanently, as well as interesting contests, innovation services, the company does not stand still, it evolves, corrects the faults, improving day by day.

I really appreciate the deposit bonuses which take not too long to be accrued. As my specialization is security, I would like to point out account protection by means of sms-passwords. With this service I'm sure that nobody except me can withdraw money from the account. Well, in general, there is a quite comfortable interface of the website and private cabinet - everything is done for your convenience.

It should be noticed that InstaForex pays a particular attention to each client and his problems. The employees are always polite, always ready to help and I'm very grateful for that. The company leaves a very good impression. I look on InstaForex as the best broker, because it offers excellent products and handy services on the financial market. What I like the most is partnership program.

I also think that several withdrawal and deposit options is a big advantage for traders. It was very helpful for me as a beginner at InstaForex. I was looking for basic but comprehensive information about working with the platform. Special thanks to Tatiana for explaining the material and being so attentive to beginners. Thank you! I want to share my opinion regarding InstaForex Company. For a few years of my experience on currency market I changed about 10 different dealing centers.

Some of them had profitable conditions for trading, others executed orders very fast, but none of them owned all features for full-scale and stable trade judging by functionality and possibility to withdraw your profit with no problems. Until I found out about InstaForex I was looking for hidden rocks always, which as a rule, every dealing center has. And to my great surprise I did not find any minuses. The trading conditions, the fast reaction of support service, bonuses, privileges, and what is most significant - trust of numerous traders gained for years, all this makes this broker number one.

Finally, I finished my searches and now I am with InstaForex. I got to know the company two years ago. I really like InstaForex coaches because they tell simply about mistakes and share their own trading experience. May all raise good profit! I have been trading on Forex for nearly two years. I like working and to be independent, that is why I chose Forex. I had changed several brokers before I started cooperating with InstaForex.

I have been working with InstaForex for some time and I make much money. InstaForex broker provides perfect trading conditions, withdrawals and deposits, plus bonuses — and I appreciate it. Work with InstaForex and earn money! I wish good luck to everyone and let the trend will always be by your side! I learned stock trading, cooperated with numerous companies, but my choice fell on InstaForex.

The company offers beneficial terms of trade. Thanks a lot for the exhibition and the performances made by the analysts. In I visited similar exposition in Moscow and really enjoyed interesting performances of the analysts from the USA. They have also given useful pieces of advice. I started trading on Forex in summer InstaForex Company was my first broker to guide me in the currency market. I was very pleased with the attitude of its staff and their in-depth answers to all my questions.

What is more, I was nicely surprised by the immediate execution of orders, withdrawals and deposits. While communicating with other traders and discussing different questions, I can develop my trading skills and keep in touch with people with the same interests. A huge advantage is the chance to participate in exhibitions with various seminars providing not only first-hand information but also active learning and development.

I started trading on a real account, and it was successful. I always get immediate assistance in case I have any questions about my account or trading platform. The best service is ForexCopy. I haven't found a better opportunity to copy successful traders. Affiliate program is also great. I have been working with InstaForex for one year already.

I appreciate the low leverage available for trading and instant execution of orders. I wish everybody success and good health! I have worked with InstaForex for over six months. During this period I have already managed to estimate numerous possibilities which the company offers.

The main plus of the company is its dynamics, as InstaForex launches new up-to-date services. I also like the official website which is very informative. To my mind, quick opening and closing of orders is a very significant positive feature. Moreover, bonus program by InstaForex is very important too. The Support Department is always quick and provides correct assistance. The company has modern offices that are well-equipped. The managers of the office are communicative, professional and optimistic.

I would also draw attention to advanced analytical reviews on the website of the company and webinars, which are held regularly. I heard about InstaForex from the users of MT5. In order to get more information about the company, I decided to visit the website of InstaForex broker. There was a lot of interesting information presented; terms of trade, bonuses, and contests excited me as well.

I trusted in the company, as the broker was established in It also was awarded various prizes. These facts inspired me to open a trading account, particularly with this company. Having worked with the broker for some time, I noted that services provided by the broker and the work of support services exceeded my expectations.

That is why it is great pleasure to trade and make profit. I plan to continue doing so in the future. I like InstaForex cause its allowed leverage is up to Also, it's perfect that you don't need a big deposit for trading and the minimum is 1 USD. It's great that you can have several accounts as well!

In I opened account with InstaForex and I'm satisfied till now. I appreciate my broker for rational spreads, comfortable trading conditions, fast deals implementation and momentary respond to any requests. I think that to this day InstaForex Company is the best one by all parameters.

I'm ready to recommend this broker to the newcomers making their first steps on Forex and experienced traders which can open new opportunities with InstaForex. InstaForex Company is a professional broker on Forex market. I would like to mention a professional approach to law issues and a high-quality work of employees, who create maximally convenient conditions for traders' work. Good luck to you! I have been working with InstaForex about a year and I can say only good things about this broker that proved to be reliable.

Most of all I like that, despite my poor English it is very easy to talk to the employees of technical support, as they always maintain respectful communication. InstaForex is an open company that provides the comprehensive information to everyone: you can simply visit the official website. Also you can find a lot of educational materials on the site as, for example, video lessons on working with the terminal. I am a gambler and that is why I like InstaForex contests very much as I can win a monetary reward.

Besides, I got to know how to predict future price movements and analyze the current situation in the market. Now I recommend InstaForex to all my friends. Thank you, InstaForex! I have worked with InstaForex for a year. To my mind, this company is one of the most progressive and fast developing companies on the market of brokerage services today.

First and foremost, I am impressed by high rate of clients' assistance, which is worth corresponding assessments, by bonuses, and a wide range of contests and campaigns. InstaForex is a reliable broker providing high level of services. InstaForex, keep on moving forward! I do work and will work only with InstaForex Company. I like all of it.

Above all, I'm imposed upon respectful attitude of the company to clients, it is felt across the board: from a wide range of functions in Client Cabinet to hour technical support. I like that you withdraw funds almost momentary through WebMoney. Great thanks to InstaForex staff for that.

I also appreciate the speed of orders opening, because sometimes everything depends on a few seconds. Very beneficial conditions, high commissions, a big choice of banners and informers. I'm sure that company will surprise its clients. I would like to wish InstaForex a great success! InstaForex Company has the advantage of analytical articles presented by professional analysts — and I use it to my advantage.

In comparison with other well-known broker companies, InstaForex does not try to lead traders astray. The company provides first-class services. The Support Department works efficiently. Moreover, InstaForex broker arranges a lot of campaigns and contests both for newcomers and professional traders. In my opinion, InstaForex is the most vibrant company on Forex due to flexible policy and high-quality services.

I have worked for several companies, but I chose InstaForex. I appreciate actual information, perfectly working feedback and customer support service; the company provides possibility to work with options. The educational process is perfectly arranged. The most important fact is that the company arranges various contests, where anyone may win money, which will be deposited to the trading account.

The only minus is sometimes quotes are not presented timely. To my mind, InstaForex Company is really one of the best brokers in Asia. I like the website where you can find everything the broker offers. In details about each service, a lot of useful information about the company, what makes it tick. And the partnership program sections, technical support, forums are sorted over separate websites. And it becomes clear what the scale of the done work was.

It means that people do their job, the company develops. As for me, a well-set permanently up-dated website is the best proof of company's attitude to its clients and brokerage services quality. The most sections of InstaForex website are modernized constantly. There are even a few RSS-feeds that is self-explanatory. As everywhere, in trading it is always necessary to improve yourself. If you want to earn steadily on Forex - look for new ways of getting skills and knowledge.

InstaForex - is the company investing in its clients. It runs educational courses and open seminars, provides the traders with a wide library of education materials and video-lessons. I'm a participant of InstaForex education projects, I actively communicate with other traders on MT5. InstaForex has always been involved in teaching its clients. There are always excellent webinars and reviews by InstaForex analysts on the website.

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Personally I was tempted by low InstaForex spreads, the lack of slippage and swaps, the minimal requote as well as the easy-to-understand and user-friendly website. The ShowFx exhibition revealed what sociable and helpful personnel work for InstaForex. A special thanks for bonuses and discounts. I am completely satisfied with the services provided by InstaForex Company.

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The funds are deposited and withdrawn very fast; all questions are solved instantly as well. To determine the type of simplified taxation system for individual entrepreneurs, use a simple scheme. To determine which option is optimal for a particular enterprise, it is necessary to determine at what amount of expenses the tax on "USN Income" will be equal to tax "STS Income minus expenses". The dependence of the amount of tax on the amount of expenses is inversely proportional.

The higher the costs are, the lower the amount of tax payable to the budget will be. In this case, with an equal amount of income in 2 two taxation options, it is more profitable to choose the second option, since the tax amount will be lower. Such an assessment makes it possible to determine the choice of the simplified tax system for individual entrepreneurs at the initial stage of planning the amount of deductions for taxes and fees. To clarify the selection criteria, it is necessary to take into account factors that can significantly affect the size of the tax base.

For the timely payment of advance payments on the STS tax, it is necessary to correctly calculate the single tax. It is made on an accrual basis, which means the summation of advance payments from the beginning of the year. The calculation of quarterly contributions for the simplified taxation system is made in the following order:. For clarity, we will calculate the advance payments for the simplified taxation system using a specific example, having previously calculated the amount of insurance payments for individual entrepreneurs for If the profitability is exceeded in the amount of thousand rubles.

When calculating the amount of tax according to "STS Income minus expenses" the principle of calculation is similar to that of tax according to "STS Income". In this option, the amount of paid insurance payments does not affect the tax reduction, but they are taken into account in the total amount of expenses. Consider the calculation of the tax simplified tax system for individual entrepreneurs using a specific example.

The contribution was made in a timely manner. For the 1st half of the year, the tax advance is calculated on an accrual basis:. Paid before The advance payment at the end of 9 months is calculated in the same way:. To determine the single tax for the past year, we sum up the income, and then the expenses:. It is determined at the end of the calendar year and is taken as the amount of the minimum tax.

This means that for this example, the minimum tax amount is 41 thousand rubles. In addition to the fundamental advantages in terms of changing the tax base, reducing tax rates and tax holidays, the simplified tax system for individual entrepreneurs has positive characteristics:. Cons of using the simplified tax system for individual entrepreneurs represent restrictions on points:. Expanded list of business activities , falling under the ban for the use of the simplified tax system, is considered in paragraph 3 of Art.

If the simplified tax system for a particular enterprise is more profitable, then you should apply with the appropriate application to the territorial inspectorate for taxes and fees within 30 days after the organization or individual entrepreneur has been registered. For some categories of taxpayers in this rule there are the following exceptions :. Regardless of the choice of the tax base and the tax rate under the simplified taxation system, the legal period for paying tax and reporting for the two options is the same.

The due date is 25 days, including holidays and weekends after the reporting period quarter , half year , 9 months according to clause 5 of article The tax period for tax payments STS - full calendar year although this subdivision is relative to organizations. This is due to the fact that the taxpayer is obliged to pay tax in part or in advance at the end of each quarter, namely at the end of each reporting period. In this regard, in the calendar year, the following tax payments are established after the end of the reporting periods:.

The full amount of tax is calculated based on the results of the calendar year, taking into account the advance payments paid on a quarterly basis. For entrepreneurs, the reporting period and tax payment period is a calendar year. Terms of payments for the single tax after the end of the calendar year:. The tax authority is filed with an appropriately executed declaration according to the simplified tax system.

The tax return is submitted at the location of the legal entity or residence of an individual entrepreneur. The submission of returns for the tax period of is carried out in the forms approved by the order of the tax authorities. What reporting does the individual entrepreneur submit to the simplified tax system without employees, what taxes does the individual entrepreneur pay.

The norms of the current legislation provide for the obligation of an entrepreneur to submit a tax return to the inspectorate at the place of residence at the end of the tax period - for the past calendar year. Submission of a declaration to the tax office can be done in one of the following ways:. An individual who is registered as an individual entrepreneur is obliged to submit a tax return even if no commercial activity is being conducted.

In this case, a zero tax return is drawn up, as well as mandatory insurance payments are paid to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the MHIF. If there is no entrepreneurial activity, then in order to avoid problems in the future on the part of government agencies, it is necessary to officially close your enterprise.

In our release, we have already written step-by-step instructions on how to close the IP. In addition to submitting the declaration, the merchant is obliged to submit to the tax and levy inspectorate the Book for the Recording of Income and Expenses KUDIR , in which all financial transactions in the course of doing business are recorded in chronological order. It can be issued in both written and electronic form. The absence of the Book of Accounts entails the accrual of fines and penalties.

Reporting for merchants can be conditionally classified into several types, depending on the choice of the tax system, the conditions for organizing a business with employees or without , conditions for settlements with counterparties and the presence of additional objects of taxation:. For the tax period, IP reporting is provided in the form and format of declarations approved by the order of the tax authorities. Order No. After the registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur, the current legislation imposes on him the obligation to pay compulsory insurance premiums not dependently on whether there is a commercial activity or not.

Obligatory payments of the merchant "for himself" include payments:. Late payment or failure from making payments entails the accrual of fines, penalties and debt collection judicially. In , simplified merchants are required to make payments to the Pension Fund of Russia in accordance with the calculation in accordance with the norms established by law.

The procedure for calculating insurance payments is as follows:. Contributions to the Pension Fund - 29 rubles. Fixed contributions for the year are no longer tied to the minimum wage. Total insurance payments of individual entrepreneurs for will be:. The deadline for payment of contributions is 31 decares Payment can be made in parts or in one amount at once. Budget classification codes, as a rule, change almost every year, so you need to regularly monitor their changes updates.

Reporting on an individual entrepreneur on a simplified basis with employees is somewhat different from the submission of reports by a sole sole proprietor, that is, submission of reports only "for oneself" without employees. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to reflect the income of employees and the payment of mandatory insurance payments for them. In this regard, reporting is submitted to the following authorities:. The procedure for deductions and requirements for the submission of reports are regulated by the relevant regulatory and legal acts of the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Service.

In case of deliberate submission of inaccurate data in order to evade payments of taxes and fees, a desk audit will be carried out and all violations will be identified. Such actions can result in serious penalties. One of the main requirements for submitting reports is the timely submission of a package of documents:. You can provide the above documentation in any way: independently , through the face by notary certified power of attorney , by Russian post , electronically by means of EDS electronic digital signature.

When sending a package of documents by mail of the Russian Federation, you should draw up an inventory of the attachment and send a letter in the form of a registered one with a notification to fix the date of dispatch. When hiring employees, a merchant must report to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

For reporting, it is necessary to draw up documents drawn up in the following forms:. An individual entrepreneur working with hired personnel is obliged to submit to the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation reports on form 4-FSS , regulated by regulatory legal acts:.

Strict adherence to the rules for submitting reporting forms and control of changes in the legislation on its submission are the basis for compliance with the norms of current legislation and the absence of penalties. Why and when you need a cash register for an individual entrepreneur on a simplified taxation system.

No amendments were made to the legislation regarding the availability of cash registers in the course of the entrepreneur's commercial activities. The acquisition of a cash register must be accompanied by its registration in the state register of the Federal Tax Service. In addition to using KKM to control receipts and spending of funds, the presence of this apparatus is the basis for duplicating financial flows in the Book for accounting for income and spending of funds, as well as maintaining accounting policies at the enterprise.

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Forex traders can be referred to as businessman or entrepreneur. Every Forex trader is an individual entrepreneur. The Most Famous Forex Traders Ever · George Soros · Stanley Druckenmiller · Andy Krieger · Bill Lipschutz · Bruce Kovner · The Bottom Line. The first step for entrepreneurs to trade forex is to open a forex trading account with the best forex broker they can find. It is very.