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Kim krompass forex

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I will not promote myself or my service through any slick marketer just out to take your money. I am sincere. How I do what I do when I sit down to trade, is refreshingly simple. I use price action. People close to me know I am a no nonsense person. I am not afraid to say what I think or how I feel about this industry. I teach forex traders the simplicity and power in price action trading. She is the very first woman to be featured on the podcast — in order to deep dive into the topic of day trading for a living.

Kim lives in California and is a great example of what a good day trader is. She carefully gets prepared every morning for the trading day by establishing plans for the currency pairs she follows. During this interview, Kim shared a lot about her view on day trading vs.

She also mentioned several times the importance of keeping things simple, a concept I totally agree with. What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast?

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He even admitted that his trading chart was clean of all indicators. For the day trading strategy, Chris targets a profit of between 10 and 35 pips, with the duration of the trades ranging from 5 minutes to several hours. Even though he mostly applies Intraday Trading, Chris Lori is not necessarily aggressive in setting up his risk management. Instead, he keeps his risk on the conservative side, often at less than half a percent of his target.

According to Chris, this is the recipe for success for the majority of professional traders; they do not pursue high profits just to gloat about them in trading forums, but rather focus on maintaining risks. They believed that well-managed accounts last longer and gain consistent profitability in the long run.

If Chris Lori is a conservative trader, then Nick Shawn is his opposite. This trader openly admits to being aggressive in pursuing profits or determining risk limits. He also targets a profit between pips per transaction. In determining his chosen pairs, Nick is not too picky. Interestingly, Nick Shawn admits that he doesn't have a fantastic win rate.

After testing the system for 2 years, he concluded that the Price Action-based strategy could provide more opportunities than Chart Pattern analysis. He also claims to be a naked trader who takes trading opportunities from price retests after the breakout.

However, the most interesting part of his pro tips is not about the most effective strategy or the likes, but about money management strategy which he considers as the Holy Grail of Trading. It's useless to have a system with a high win rate if the mindset is still profit-driven.

That's because trading is a probability; if you can profit, then you can lose. Therefore, the mindset in dealing with losses is a powerful weapon to survive the rigors of the trading world. The last world-class trader who includes the Price Action strategy in his trading setup is Rayner Teo.

The Singapore-based trader applies Price Action as the confirmation signal before making an entry. Rayner Teo specifically armed himself with the Price Action technique to respond to False Break conditions that might occur around Support Resistance levels. In general, Rayner Teo runs a trend following method and likes to take opportunities in almost all market conditions, both from trending and sideways conditions.

He usually looks for breakout signals and confirms them around the Support Resistance area. Rayner Teo always shares his tips and analysis on his website, the TradingwithRayner[dot]com. Here are some examples of his pro trading tips:.

When the market ranges, note that the longer the Support and Resistance confine the price movements, the more valid these boundaries will be. From this principle, you can be more confident about making Support Resistance as a reference for opening positions, or setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit targets.

In this case, the price oscillates or moves within a fixed range between the Support and Resistance levels. To find out whether sideways conditions are worth trading or not, it can be observed by zooming out or seeing price movements on a higher time frame.

Low market volatility benefits traders because it usually makes the market easier to read. DailyFX research concludes that many traders gain profit from this condition, especially if low volatility occurs during the whole day. This is because the Support and Resistance levels tend to be strong and consistent, thus smoothing the strategy of buying at Support or selling at Resistance, which is commonly called a pullback strategy or " buy low sell high ".

However, it is important to note that entries in very low volatility conditions should be avoided, for example during year-end holidays. Breakout is when the price breaks a key Support or Resistance. Many traders believe that they can get maximum profit from a strong breakout. If you want to trade on a breakout when the price falls, find the Support and the lowest level Low based on the time frame.

If the downtrend is strong, the price will form a new Low and confirm the trend continuation. The most effective entry in this situation is to use a sell stop order or sell below the current market price. The entry sell level should be determined below the current Low.

The opposite strategy goes for breakout condition during an Uptrend. You can look for the recently broken Resistance and the highest price in the time frame, then use a buy stop order to trigger an entry above the current price. Higher Lows that point to Resistance shows us a strong signal to sell. In this position, the buying power weakens while the selling power strengthens. When traders think the current price level is too high, they will tend to end the buying trend by executing profit-taking.

Conversely, Lower Highs pointing to Support means a weak signal to sell. This is because the selling power is weakening while buying power is getting stronger. Too much pressure on the bullish side will cause the price to strengthen up. As a result, when it touches the support, the price will increase rapidly. The best position for entry is close to the Support and Resistance levels. If you rely on Support and Resistance in forex, then you can buy when the price closes just above the Support.

Meanwhile, if you want to sell, make sure if the price closes below the Resistance level. Remember, don't put Stop Loss and Take Profit positions too close to your entry. It would be better if you increase the entry distance by placing your Take Profit positions higher.

While most traders place Stop Loss just below the Support level and above the Resistance level, you should move away from this "zone" a little. You can set Stop Loss based on market price volatility. In volatile market conditions, you need to set a bigger Stop Loss to avoid the risk of noise or price jumps during high volatility.

Conversely, when market conditions are calm and the volatility is low, Stop Loss does not need to be set too far from your entry price. Trend following strategy is generally believed to provide more benefits in the long term if it is balanced with the ability to manage positions and good mental states. If you want to survive in forex trading, then it's a good idea to follow the trend cycle, not the other way around.

If the trend is up, you can follow market movements by placing long positions. Conversely, if the trend is down, you can enter short positions. However, you should also learn how to confirm the continuation of the trend direction. A limit order is a pending order that is set above or below the current market price, depending on the direction you are trading. If you are trading Long about to open a buy position , then you can open a buy limit order to enter below the current market price.

If later the price moves down to the entry level you want, the buy order will be executed. Conversely, if you are trading short will open a sell position , then you can open a sell limit order above the current market price. If later the price moves up to the entry level you want, the sell order will be executed. With the help of a limit order, you don't have to look at your computer screen all day long to wait for the perfect price to enter a trade.

Many traders wait for a pullback as their entry signal, or when the price moves back in the direction of the trend after experiencing a brief correction. After the market ranges for a while, it is undeniable that the price may break the Support or Resistance.

So, the best opportunity to enter in this condition is during the first recovery after the breakout. Some people expect the price to fall after rising some time, but in the forex market, the prices might continue to rise and eventually form a bullish trend. That's why you need to consider your trading positions carefully. You need to look for a confirmation signal before making an entry by using other indicators or analysis methods such as Price Action, Price Pattern , etc.

Or, you can always use the trading signals recommendations from external sources. Pay attention to the Support and Resistance areas when the price seems to break the levels. If the price returns in the Support Resistance area after trying and failing to break the levels, you can enter by following the False Breakout movement.

Price Action. In conclusion, the 7 top traders above mostly rely on Price Action for short-term trading systems with small targets. Some of them have even built their entire trading system on Price Action methods, either by Candlestick Patterns or the price movement analysis around key levels. It can be your trading inspiration as successful traders have proved that they can earn regular profits with Price Action.

Also, make sure to practice a Price Action strategy in a forex demo account before using it to trade in the live account. To be successful is not only a matter of utilizing the right strategy but also making sure that your forex broker supports your trading condition. To get the best knowledge on how to recognize the right broker, you can move on to How to Choose the Best Forex Broker. Tom Morris once said that the art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

Thus, it has become my objective to only write forex trading contents that I believe useful for many readers. Losers get high from the action; the pros look for the best odds. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.

They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. How I do what I do when I sit down to trade, is refreshingly simple. I use price action. People close to me know I am a no nonsense person. I am not afraid to say what I think or how I feel about this industry.

I teach forex traders the simplicity and power in price action trading. I model consistency in my repetitive style of trade planning that can be used by anyone. You can be highly successful as a NY session trader without a doubt and I will teach you how.

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Coming up tomorrow for PATI traders - London planning session w/ Kevin. › author › admin. I am Kim Krompass, Founder of the Price Action Traders Institute (PATI) located I teach forex traders the simplicity and power in price action trading.