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Ipo argentina

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As for the future of the company, it intends to grow in Mexico and Colombia, by increasing the number of travel packages and sales it offers to these locations. However, the CEO claimed that acquiring or merging with another enterprise is not in his plans for the foreseeable future. Scokin added. The IPO involved three law firms working with the Argentine company. In a few years, the internet has become — among other things — the main market fo The long-serving boss of Cobepa, Jean-Marie Laurent Josi talks about the business model of a Belgian investment firm that is trusted by major European families, one which marries t Posted Thursday, November 30th About Despegar.

However, Argentina's stock market has been on a tear in recent weeks, with the Merval Index of leading shares rising The company looks set to benefit from gangbuster growth in Argentina this year. Real estate values in Argentina have also performed strongly, as Argentines habitually look to property as a safe haven in both good times and bad, Weil said. Land is seen as a hedge against inflation and as a safe way to save, considering that real estate is generally priced in U.

Many investors were badly burned by Argentina's economic crash of and , while more recently, unorthodox economic policies and confrontational politics have kept money on the sidelines. The fresh cash will be used to purchase new properties, and the company has about ARS2 billion in potential sales volume in the pipes from its current projects, he said.

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NEW YORK/BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Shares of Corporacion America Airports CAAP.N struggled to get airborne on their market debut on the New. The country's largest cement play, Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina LOMA –% (ticker: LOMA), raised nearly $1 billion in the offering. Central Puerto S.A., a major power generation company in the Argentine market, in an offering of ordinary shares by the selling shareholders in United States.