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Join us in supporting fritzhagermusic music tonight on AmericanIdol! Text 10 to to vote for Fritz! AntCannavaro Not a better sight! FeathersUp OpportunitiesStartHere. Unbelievably happy for Generalbooty10! A wonderful talent but an even more impressive young man who deserves every bit of success he has. General Booty Generalbooty New Home!

Congratulations justiceclemons! The REAL championship! Graduation Day at Tyler Junior College. Love our partnership with NeptuneGameTime! If you want to make your department better in a lot of different ways check them out! KywonMorgan Congratulations! One of the true joys of my job is to work with people who are the absolute best at what they do.

When it comes to coaching tennis, Dash Connell is without peer. And if you know him, you know the championships are only a part of it. Thankful that he is an Apache! If you need me the next couple of hours…. The finale. The Apaches will play in 8 of 9 finals matches today for So grateful for the support of our amazing community! Doug Wren wrendoug. A win 20 years in the making! Really proud of the job wrendoug and his staff have done in the first year back and grateful to all those that got us here.

Apaches come out on top in game 1 of the regionals! Back in action tomorrow at PM! Postseason baseball time! TJCBaseball vs. One of the funnier twists on this new dynamic. One of the great partners of ApacheAthletics! We absolutely love our GameTime partners - all 1, and counting of them! Michael Kemper got his 5th Save of the year. After 6 days of rest I was given my second outing as the starting pitcher for the final game of the series against the Red Dragons.

I was again on a pitch count of 80 pitches. This game proved to be a far tougher start for me as I went only 4. I gave up 6 hits, 3 runs and 2 walks while picking up 5 strike outs. Only 1 of the runs was credited to me though. The top of the first saw us take a lead as Pete Borman walked before Ramiro Ballesteros struck a 2 run homer. I was on strong form in the bottom of the first as I struck out 2 and got the third with a ground out. The Top of the second saw us extend our lead as Mario Trevino scored after he doubled to get on base and Ryan Jaynes and Kevin Storlie singled to bring him home.

The Bottom of the second saw my struggles start. I gave up a single to the Red Dragon lead off hitter before then walking the second batter. I followed this with another single that saw the Red Dragons get their first run home. I then picked up the first out with a strike out before giving up another single.

We got lucky that the runner from 3rd was caught going for home or else I could have had another run against me. I got the final out on a 6 pitch strike out. The top of the third and we went down before my struggles became move obvious in the bottom of the third. I managed to get through it without any hits or walks but I had to pitch 9 pitches to their lead off hitter as he kept getting a piece of my pitches and hitting them foul.

The 4th saw me give up a single but no runs were scored and we went down easily in the top half. The top of the 5th we again went before my struggles saw me finally exit the game as I hit my pitch count. In fact even if I wasn't on a pitch count I suspect I might have been pulled at this point. I got their first 2 batters to fly out and ground out before I lost all control. I then saw the 5th batter reach on an error as he got the ball in play as well. I then gave another single up which saw 2 Red Dragons get to home plate and tie the game at 3 apiece.

I was pulled at this point as I was at 80 pitches. Relief pitcher Bum-kyoo Khang got us out of the inning without any more damage. After this both sides continued to try and score the winning run but neither side could find it. There was the occasional single or double but nothing to win the game. It was not until the 10th that we finally scored our 4th run.

Pete Borman then also picked up a walk to bring Noval home. Michael Kemper came in for the bottom of the 10th and picked up save number 6 of the year. We moved to for the year with the win but I am not sure I helped to get this one with my slightly out of place pitching. Last edited by amead17; at PM. We were back home to face the Southaven Daredevils in the first of a 3 game set. Kurt Griffin was getting the start for us. I watched the game from the back of the bullpen again.

Our team fought another tight one but we ended up coming up short as we lost The first 5 innings went scoreless as both starting pitchers put up some good numbers. Griffin went 5. We got on the score board first in the bottom of the 6th with Rjan Jaynes getting the run. A combination of Griffin and relief pitcher Travis Gonzalez managed to keep the Daredevils out until the top of the 8th.

Bret Rogers came in to pitch the 8th and ended up blowing our lead and his save as he gave up 3 hits and a run to the Daredevils. This tied the game at 1 each. Manager Eric Eastman decided to go for broke in the top of the 9th and sent in our closer Michael Kemper.

Kemper had a tough inning as he managed to give up 2 hits including a home run for the Daredevils to bring the score into their favour We did nothing in the bottom of the 9th and lost the game to move to for the year. I was again in the bullpen to watch the second of our 3 game series against the Southaven Daredevils.

Tyler Hayes got the start for us. It was another very tough low scoring game as the pitchers held sway again. The 4th inning ended up being the only inning where either team scored. The Daredevils scored first as 2 solo home runs off of Hayes saw us go behind Our batters tried to fight back in the bottom of the 4th as Pete Borman led off with a single. He moved to second after Ramiro Ballesteros was hit by a pitch. Borman moved into third as both Ballesteros and batter Manuel Rodriguez were put out on a double play in the field.

Mario Trevino was next up and he doubled to left centre to bring Pete Borman home and score our only run of the game. We ended up going on to lose the game and falling further behind at for the year. The final game of the 3 game home series against the Daredevils saw the start go to Aaron McGavin for the 3rd straight game I watched as my team mates fought out a low scoring loss to the Daredevils.

Aaron McGavin gave up the only runs we would give up in the top of the 5th. He walked 2 of the first 3 batters to get the scorers on base. He then saw them move a base on a groundout to short centre. The next batter up then singled to bring home both players on base to give the Daredevils their 2 runs for the game.

It wasn't until the 6th when we got back into the game. Ryan Jaynes got the run after being put on base by a walk. He was bought home after singles from Pete Borman and Ramiro Ballesteros. We could not find the second run to get back into the game as we again lost, this time Our record is now as we continue to slide backwards.

Today saw us back on the road to start a 6 game trip. First up is a 3 game series at the Biloxi Jackals. Eric Nordstram got the start for the game for us. After watching a 3 game losing streak from the bench I finally got to enjoy another win for the team. We were on fire on the mound and our bats did enough to take the win Our pitching allowed only 2 hits all game as the Jackals came up blank against up. Nordstram got a solid 4. On the batting front we managed to get 2 runs in the 7th and 2 in the 9th to win the game.

Jose Cano and Pete Borman were the 2 players to get to home plate in the 7th after some excellent groundball hitting by John Heussner and Mario Trevino. In the 9th it was John Heussner and Mario Travino who got the runs after they made base on singles. Kevin Storlie bought them home after his single turned into a double due to an error in the field by the Jackals. We took the game to get win number 15 of the year. Our second game against the Jackals saw Mike Mendez up to start from our 6 man rotation.

We managed to keep the winning vibe going as we beat the Jackals for the second straight time. Our bats were on fire early in the game as we scored 2 runs in the first, 1 in the second and 1 in the 4th. We added a 5th run in the top of the ninth to round out a win. Ryan Jaynes got a run in the first from the lead off spot.

He came home following singles from Pete Borman and Ramiro Ballesteros. Mario Travino then bought Borman home with a single. Medina was to score our 4th run in the 4th as well as he hit the sweet spot on the bat and sent the ball feet for a solo home run.

In the top of the 9th Pete Borman scored after both he and Ramiro Ballesteros doubled. Mike Mendoza got the win but gave up our 2 runs against us in the bottom of the 6th as he tired. We won the game and now have 16 wins for the year against 29 loses. The final game in the series against the Jackals and I got to start my 3rd game of the year, my second on the road.

I had a mixed day on the mound with both ups and downs. In contrast our bats continued to get hot as we took the game In the bottom of the 1st I managed to get the Jackals down including my first strike out of the day. I walked 1 in the second but managed to get out of the inning with just that and strikeout number 2.

The top of the 3rd and our bats suddenly woke up. Sal De Leon and Ryan Jaynes singled to lead the inning off. Mario Travino then doubled as well to bring Heussner home. Sadly I then went and undid all that good work by giving up 3 runs in the bottom of the 3rd. Firstly the lead off hitter smacked me for feet to get a solo effort. After I walked the next man up I then saw their 4th batter club one to the shortest part of the fence at feet to see a 2 run homer disappear out of site.

I got out of the inning with a couple of fly outs after that but my confidence took a hit on that inning. My team mates didn't dwell on what I had done in the previous inning and continued on their effort to win the game. Ryan Jaynes then doubled to bring all 3 of them home to put us up It also saw the Jackals make a pitching change. We didn't stop there as Jaynes managed to get run number 4 of the inning after Pete Borman singled and John Heussner made a sac fly out to deep left.

I had managed to get myself back under control for the bottom of the 4th as I proceeded to give up only a double to their lead off hitter before shutting the Jackals down. With the scoring over the game proceeded to go with the pitchers. I managed to get an extra strike out in the top of the 5th before I again hit my pitch count and was pulled from the game.

Kemper got save number 8 and McClure got the win. We swept the Jackals with the victory to move to on the year. We continued our 6 game road trip with the first game in a set of 3 against the Hattiesburg Osprey. Hattiesburg are currently leading our division so we were not expecting much from this part of the trip.

Kurt Griffin was getting the start for us in game 1 of the series. As expected we went down to a lose against the Ospreys. Griffin had a tough game as he went 5 innings for 11 hits and 4 runs against him. The Ospreys were up early in the game as they hit a solo home run effort off Griffin in the second and then added another run on top of that. We got 1 back in the top of the 4th as doubles by Mario Travino and Manuel Rodriguez meant a score for Travino. The bottom of the 5th saw the Ospreys take the game away from us.

They scored 2 more runs on Griffin as he started to tire. Relief Pitcher Travis Gonzalez gave up the ospreys final run in the bottom of the 7th as they got another solo home run effort. We finished the scoring in the top of the 8th as our second run came from Ryan Jaynes after the team managed to get him round the bases on singles and errors in the field. We lost the game and that meant we now had 30 games in the loss column against only 17 wins.

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